• Find out where energy savings can be made, conduct an energy audit.
  • For the office, tight fitting holland or roman blinds are best to prevent heat loss.
  • Internal or external shutters that are a tight fit against the window also cut heat loss.
  • Consider double glazing, which can reduce heat loss by more than 60%.
  • Retrofit windows with E-Glass (low emissivity glass). E-Glass has an invisible coating that reflects radiant heat back into the room.
  • Close off rooms that aren't being used.
  • Seal gaps around doors and windows using draught excluders or weather seals.
  • Consider insulating your roof with some eco-friendly insulation.
  • Install automatic door closers to external doors and doors to unheated rooms.
  • If you have a large open-plan office, use dividers such as portable screens to reduce heat loss.
  • Install a gas, solar or heat pump hot water heater.


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