Futureproofing Apartments

The aim of this program is to reduce both the cost of living and greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution.

Annual strata fee reduction is a major focus, because the savings potential with energy upgrades is typically a good investment. So analysis will be on the numerous opportunities in common areas.

Often people don't realise how much energy and money is being wasted in the hidden areas and equipment of buildings, so a report by specialists will clearly quantify that, and make recommendations for the owners corporation to follow up on.

Approving upgrades is easier than many people realise, if no more than 25% of the value of the votes cast at the meeting (in person or by proxy) are against the motion. (This is different from the common myth that 75% of all owners need to agree.)

When the options are clearly illustrated with a good report, the thinking becomes... why wouldn't we upgrade, given the financial benefits!


2019-2020 Program Rollout commenced

Based on the interest for strata to participate in the program to date, a second round of building assessments will be performed, to demonstrate the worthwhile building upgrades to apartment owners.

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The first round of assessments commenced in Nov 2018, and 45 Buildings assessments were performed and reports created – revealing around 145 upgrade opportunities.


Meet the service provider EXPO - 14-15 November 2019

Where strata communities can meet the strata upgrade specialists who can help your building efficiency upgrade project happen.

Solar electricity, hot water with renewable energy, bill savings providers, LEDs, Smart controls, embedded networks, PPA’s (renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements), zero upfront cost plans, ‘hot water as a service’, and more!


The program offers - at no cost:

  • Energy assessments performed by industry specialists.
  • Detailed reports which will clearly illustrate the financial case for upgrades.
  • Attendance at strata meetings if requested to help communicate benefits of building upgrades.
  • General support.
  • Workshops and information sessions for apartment residents.


Eligible Buildings

The scheme offers sustainability assessments and reports on 30 residential apartment buildings, made up of 10 assessments for each of the following apartment sizes:

  • 10 units or less
  • 20 units or less
  • 21 units or more
  • (Mixed residential and commercial buildings will also be considered)

5 x NABERS assessments funded up to $1500.

10 x specific solar feasibility assessments.

7 x feasibility studies as required for special and complex opportunities such as renewable heat for space heating or centralised hot water system (HWS) fuel swapping, or complex solar opportunities.


Did you know?

  • Most apartment buildings will benefit with efficiency upgrades in common areas.
  • Around 75% of local residents live in apartments in North Sydney.
  • Renewable heat and electricity can both replace imported grid gas and electricity.
  • Renewable heat is perfect in shady areas, at night, or if cloudy, unlike solar electricity, and can provide space heating and domestic water heating.


Energy Cost savings

  • Solar electricity - solar panels for rooftops and walls.
  • Renewable heat from the sun - for space heating and water heating.
  • Energy efficiency - why waste energy?
  • All-electric buildings offer the only path to zero emissions electricity and cost savings.
  • Often upgrades offer investment opportunities with an internal rate of return (IRR) between 15-50%1, which will likely be one of the best investment returns you’ll ever make.
  • Simple payback periods are commonly as short as 2 years.

1 Based on recent upgrades.


Smart Energy Future 

Want to find the best ways to get renewable energy? Compare your own specific building and occupancy type - with the personal example info sheets here.


This program, will be reviewed by Council periodically until project completion on 30 June 2020.

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