Smart Energy Future


Renewable Energy for our Community

An enormous transformation is starting to take place, where energy is increasingly being produced with minimal negative impact on the planet, and where the energy we do use may be utilised most efficiently.

Renewable energy equipment types for home or business (3MB)

Renewable energy installations and Council planning (3MB)


Enormous employment opportunities are opening up with the transition from the existing polluting and inefficient energy equipment - to smart, clean energy generators and smart energy management systems, which will inevitably inhabit all our homes and national energy markets.

Renewable electricity and renewable heat are transforming the energy landscape globally and in many homes and businesses, as people realise that renewable electricity and renewable heat are the cheapest and cleanest energy sources.


Fact Sheets

We recognise that change is not always easy, and  Council recently engaged specialist consultants 100% Renewables to research the emerging smart energy opportunities for all the different building and occupancy types for residential and business communities.

The result is a series of fact sheets as represented by an ‘avatar’ - choose the ones that represent your situation: 



In 2018, Council will hold presentations, workshops and expos to assist making energy decisions for all occupancy types.

Announcements are made through the green events newsletter and via social media.

Posted on 17 April 2018

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