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BBP Awards 2018 

Here are the categories of the awards and the winners and runners up of the Better Business Partnership awards 2018!



Tonic Lane and Ginoteria - Neutral Bay (2MB)    



Olive and Moss - North Sydney (2MB), Pure Free - Neutral Bay (2MB)



Catfish Creative - Kirribilli (1MB)McMahons Point Health- McMahons Point (2MB), Mindshare - North Sydney (2MB)



Goodstart Berry St - North Sydney (1MB), Little Sprouts - Cremorne (2MB), Walker St Early Learning Centre - North Sydney (2MB)



Luna Park - Milsons Point (2MB), Sydney Flying Squadron - Kirribilli (2MB), The Oaks - Neutral Bay (3MB)



Work Inc - Lavender Bay (2MB)



Stockland - Cammeray (2MB)



Crows Nest Centre - Crows Nest (406KB), North Sydney Community Centre - North Sydney (1MB)


ACCESSIBILITY (businesses who have taken action to make their business more accessible to their customers)

Coal loader Café – Waverton (see details below)


Better Business Partnership

More than 70 businesses in our area are active members of the BBP program - they are local heroes!

BBP works closely with them, and is a free Council-funded initiative that improves their sustainability in areas of energy, waste, water, transport, purchasing, community and staff support.

Partners have seen the benefit of the program by reducing their usage and therefore their projected costs given increased energy and water prices. Importantly, saving energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Their energy saving actions have the potential to reduce their carbon footprint by more than 20% which equates to an estimated 571 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, or approximately taking 132 cars annually off the road. 

Meet some of the local heroes!

Coal Loader Cafe

Located at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability, this licensed café practises what the centre preaches... the business owners live and breathe sustainability.

Visit the centre, enjoy the surrounds, then finish with a yummy and sustainable coffee and lunch. Take a free bag of compost, produced at the café, home with you! Achievements:

  • Established a Food Exchange Program: accept produce from local residents in exchange for free coffee
  • source some produce on-site and hope to source more into the future
  • 24 hr composting machine - compost stored in old coffee bags and available for free for customers
  • energy and water efficient equipment purchased
  • regular maintenance completed on all equipment
  • local produce sourced
  • return plastic milk bottles to supplier
  • seasonal menu in place.

Visit the Coal Loader Cafe open Wednesday to Sunday, 7am to 3pm.

For more information call 0422 887 396.



Kirribilli Markets

Kirribilli Markets has become NSW’s first market to offer a mobile clothes recycling collection to stallholders, so from Aug-Dec each year over 1900 litres of clothes, shoes and accessories are donated to the Smith Family Charity.

Kirribilli markets are home to many fashion stalls, including those selling second hand items. At the end of each market, unsold items usually ended up in landfill.

The Markets Coordinator contacted BBP project officer Lesley Butler who visited the markets to complete a waste assessment. She saw the need for a third-party supplier who could remove the unwanted clothes and find a new use for them.

The Smith Family, who help disadvantaged children gain access to educational opportunities, provided a mobile collection service. All donations from the bins are used to support the Smith Family’s work and will either be sold as stock in their stores or as export items.

Stallholders are also very happy to be involved, knowing that items they no longer need are going to a good home. ‘I think it is a fantastic idea and it’s so convenient to me as I don’t have to bring all the items home with me after today’.

Visit your BBP member at



Jump Start Your Life

Jump Start Your Life is an award-winning personal & group training company. All the exercise and fitness classes are held either in their boutique studio in Cammeray, or in the surrounding outdoor parks in this area.

Over the last 13 years Jump Start has given over 1000 children hope, skills and the opportunity to change their lives through the Jump Start Foundation.

This involvement also provides clients with the sense of doing something more than just fitness. Clients feel a real connection to the children supported and the projects completed, and retention rates average 96% in recent years.

 Find out about the Jump Start Foundation:


Fresh is a café based on Ernest Place in Crows Nest. Fresh believe that if you eat well, you will be well. They also operate well by taking a number of actions to improve their sustainability. In the last 6 months they have reduced their landfill waste by 3 tonnes and significantly reduced their energy usage.

They offer a large range of health enhancing options at their café. Achievements:

  • Source certified organic and biodynamic proteins and use ingredients with as little processing as possible.
  • Make as much food as possible in-house.
  • Have undertaken a Waste Assessment and Energy Audit, funded by BBP.
  • Spends time researching local suppliers and highlights these local suppliers to their customers. 100% traceability of all their proteins, fruit and vegetables.
  • Only use equipment when required and removed any unnecessary equipment.
  • Timers installed on exhaust fans to make sure they turn off when they are not required.
  • Work with their Milk Supplier to return empty milk containers.
  • Introduced a recycling bin to take their cardboard and other recyclables.
  • Seasonal Menu created to suit locally produced food.

Visit your local BBP member:

North Sydney Community Centre

This not-for-profit community organisation aims at enhancing the quality of life for those living, working or studying in our area and wider community. Situated on Miller Street, the centre offers courses, community events, afterschool care, venue hire and playgroup facilities.

Achievements include:

  • Design of building includes many environmental measures: passive design, solar hot water system, rain water harvest tank, water efficient taps, waterless urinals, dual flush toilets, energy efficient lighting, use of natural ventilation.
  • Staff training and awareness eg. coffee cup recycling campaign;
  • work with local businesses to reuse their waste for arts and crafts;
  • flexible work hours and regular staff reviews and training; and
  • raised $2000 to help create birthing kits for Zonta International - aiding women giving birth in developing countries to reduce the incidence of infant and maternal mortality.



North Sydney Markets

Northside Produce Market operated by the North Sydney Community Centre made a huge effort to improve the sustainability of the markets.

Achievements include:

  • Provide new recycling bins to allow the public to recycle their waste;
  • Encourage stall holders to use environmentally friendly packaging;
  • Generate awareness of sustainability among stall holders and the public;
  • Encourage applications from stall holders who are selling products that are more environmentally friendly such as re/upcycling, second hand, organic and fair trade; and
  • Set up bike racks and bike maintenance facilities to encourage the public to cycle, especially to the markets.
  • North Sydney Bushcare uses the market to provide information to the local residents.



Botanica Garden Café 

Botanica Garden Café may be no stranger to those of you in Waverton. Located opposite the train station and formally a nursery, this café is all about ‘staying real, organic and environment friendly’. Their actions taken toward sustainable development is extensive. Achievements:

  • Tips collected & donated to charity.
  • Induction training for new staff includes sustainability.
  • Composting bin for food waste.
  • Strict stock management measures to minimise food wastage.
  • Purchase locally produced organic fruit and vegetables, free range chicken and eggs.
  • Café furniture is all previously owned and old furniture donated to local charities.
  • Coffee grounds reused in their cafe garden, as a natural home beauty product and available to customers and staff to use at home.
  • Staff will car-pool to work in owner’s van.
  • Energy-efficient lighting Installation.
  • Low impact products used to paint and clean their café.


Located in a heritage sandstone building on Miller Street near Council, Jagos accepts reusable coffee cups, and has taken a number of measures to act sustainably. Achievements:

  • Purchasing policy in place to purchase good quality and durable equipment; reducing the need to replace equipment regularly.
  • Shutdown/Start up procedure in place.
  • Energy Intensive Equipment used efficiently ie. dishwasher only used when full.
  • Staff trained on how to operate effectively ie. waste segregation, equipment operation.
  • Dual-flush toilets installed.
  • Stock management in place to reduce food waste.
  • Packaging waste returned to suppliers.
  • Purchas secondhand furniture for café and outdoor area.
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The Union Hotel

The Union Hotel is a pub located on the Pacific Highway in North Sydney. The Union Hotel strives to be environmentally friendly and do their part in order to reduce harm to the Australian environment. Following a recent refurbishment, they are leading the way with a number of efficient retrofits. Achievements:

  • Installed energy efficient LED lighting.
  • Installed low flow sensor taps and waterless urinals.
  • Recycles cardboard and glass.
  • Supports local cricket and rugby clubs.
  • Has environmental policy in place.
  • Equal opportunity employment and staff empowerment.

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James Milson Retirement Village

The Village at 4 Clark Road, North Sydney, is a Nursing Home, with Self Care Units and a Hostel. Their motto ‘Providing commitment, respect, care & support’ extends beyond their 240 residents to the environment and the efficient operations of their facility. CEO John Kingston and the wonderful staff have helped saved money and the environment as they reduced electricity use and waste volumes. Achievements:
  • LED lighting upgrade – 90% of the village internal lighting has been upgraded to LED. This will reduce the organisation’s lighting electricity usage by up to 53%.
  • Food Waste Recycling Scheme – recycling 60 litres of food waste from the village kitchen onsite. Using tailored Bokashi Buckets and composting bins, food waste is processed onsite providing valuable soil and fertiliser for the grounds of the village.
  • Delivery of Recycling Education program to independent living residents to raise awareness of how to recycle their household waste.

From 2015 onwards, James Milson Retirement Village plan to complete:

  • Expand their Food Waste Recycling Scheme to include more food waste; 
  • Install 50kW, 40kW and 15kW interconnected solar systems;
  • Install an Ozone Laundry System which will reducing their laundry water usage by 50% and energy usage by 90%;and
  • Recruit Relivit waste contractors to recycle continence aids, improve their general waste diversion from landfill to 82%.

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This project is run in partnership between Ku-ring-gai, North Sydney and Willoughby City Councils and has been assisted by the NSW Government through its Environmental Trust and Sydney Water's "Every Drop Counts" business program.

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