What is Council Doing?

Living Seawalls Project

Affixed to harbour walls at the waterline in North Sydney are these pioneering 'habitat tiles'...


Aboriginal Heritage Office

The North Sydney LGA is rich in Aboriginal heritage. The AHO partners with Councils and resident efforts to protect Aboriginal sites in the area. This includes strategic planning issues, DA referrals, and conservation management. The AHO also provides free presentations, walks, talks and other activities for schools within the partner Councils boundaries. Find out more about the Aboriginal Heritage Office. Read more.


North Sydney Stormwater Reuse Project

North Sydney's largest sporting and recreational area is being irrigated using recycled water sourced from Cammeray Dam. An extensive irrigation system has been installed for St Leonards Park including North Sydney Oval and Bon Andrews Oval; Primrose, Tunks and Forsyth Parks. The scheme saves 90 million litres of potable water each year. Read more about the Stormwater project.


Policies and Plans

The Community Strategic Plan sets a strategic direction for where the community of North Sydney wants to be in the year 2020. Council has developed associated plans and policies that will ensure the vision of plan is achieved. Read more.


Green Council Projects

North Sydney Council believes in walking the sustainability talk, and undertakes a range of initiatives which have a sustainability focus. Spread across all sections of Council, these projects deliver sustainable outcomes which benefit both the Council and the community of North Sydney and the environment. Read more here.


Sustainable Transport Initiatives

Learn more about North Sydney Council fees for its resident parking permits, based on the environmental impact of the vehicle; where Council has bicycle lockers and bike parking and more about local Car Share programs within the local area. Read more here.


Council Buying Green

Check out how Council saves energy and money by buying green innovative products and how changing our processes helps Council operate in a more sustainable way. Find out how we make better buying decisions. Read more here


Environmental Levy

The Environmental Levy relates directly to the opportunities and challenges of environmental sustainability, as reflected by North Sydney Council's Vision and Environmental Management Plans. Some areas where funds from the Levy are being used are - energy conservation, bushland rehabilitation, stormwater management and community gardens. Read more here.