Wednesday Wellness @ The Platform

Date : 
27 March 2019 
Venue: The Coal Loader Platform
Council Event
Cost: Free

Event Details

To kick off your healthy New Year’s plans join us on The Platform at the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability for FREE wellbeing classes.

Every Wednesday morning from Jan 16 to April 3, classes run from 7am to 7.45am.

Free to all local residents and are suitable for all levels of experience, from absolute beginners up. 

Getting to the class is easy; just a 6-minute, level-walk from Waverton Station or you can utilise the free, 4-hour parking on Balls Head Road.


Booking essential: Click here to reserve your place.



All classes are from 7am to 7.45am, Wednesday morning. If the weather is unfavourable, classes will be moved to the Mess Hall on site.

  1. 16 January - Yoga
  2. 23 January - Pilates
  3. 30 January - Tai Chi
  4. 6 February - Yoga
  5. 13 February - Meditation
  6. 20 February - Tai Chi
  7. 27 February - Yoga
  8. 6 March - Pilates 
  9. 13 March - Tai Chi
  10. 20 March - Yoga
  11. 27 March - Meditation
  12. 3 April - Tai Chi 

Class Descriptions

Hatha Yoga with Kate Alexandra

Hatha Yoga is the original yoga to balance body, mind and breath. By connecting breath with movement we begin to slow the chatter of the mind, release worries and stresses and come into an awareness of the vibrant life force flowing through us. Practicing outdoors, with the expansive view of Sydney Harbour will give you an energizing and joyful start to the day! These classes are open to all levels. No pretzels, no sweaty workouts. Please bring your own mat.

Pilates with Naomi Liddle

Pilates is system of exercises often using props, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, which can result in increase energy and enhanced well-being. We will share this beautiful outdoor space as we work with your own unique body structure and restrictions to increase your flexibility and strength. Designed for all levels, please bring your own mat or towel to practice on.

Mindfulness Meditation with Kate Alexandra

The purpose of meditation is to cultivate states of mind that are conducive to peace and well-being and to let go of those that don’t. In these outdoor classes will explore single pointed focus, concentration on the senses, breath awareness and aspects of the natural environment around us. Through these practices we will deepen attentiveness to the vastness of the present moment and the fine details of life around us and within us. No experience necessary, beginners welcome.

Tai Chi with Kellen Chia

Tai Chi is slow, flowing, gentle movements. It is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Tai Chi is also for fitness, develops balance, co-ordination, flexibility and improves circulation. It is known as a moving meditation and thus calms the mind.

The studies done by universities in the USA and other countries have shown Tai Chi is beneficial for arthritis, high and low blood pressure, diabetes type two, bad back, headache, fatigue, stress, MS and improves memory.


Teacher Bios

Kate Alexandra Bio

Kate Alexandra, Founded Waverton Yoga in 2013 and is known by locals for her warm, friendly and inclusive classes. Introduced to yoga as a young child she has continued to practice and study throughout her adult life, specialising in yoga for women, yoga psychology and personalised private practice. Kate’s gift as a yoga and meditation teacher is in holding clear present space for groups and individuals, as she encourages students to explore and apply yoga teachings to the wisdom of their own body.

Kellen Chia Bio

Great Grand Master Kellen Chia has been teaching Tai Chi and Qigong/Chi Kung in Australia for over 20 years to beginners, advanced students and Tai Chi masters and teachers. He achieved the highest level of skill and knowledge in Tai Chi and Qigong as a result of decades of dedicated practice, as well as from the wisdom of two hundred years of family Tai Chi lineage extending back six generations.

Naomi Liddle Bio

Naomi Liddle discovered the spinal and muscular benefits of Pilates over twenty years ago and had the vision to bring people to the realisation of the positive effects this form of exercise has on mind and body. “I look forward to working with you and being in the present moment as we practice.”


This wellness series is provided by North Sydney Council.

For more information, visit: or


27 Mar 2019 at 07:00 AM - 07:45 AM
03 Apr 2019 at 07:00 AM - 07:45 AM


The Coal Loader Platform
2 Balls Head Drive
New South Wales 2060

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