Hire the Platform & Access Info

We invite residents and visitors to North Sydney to come and explore the Coal Loader Platform, learn about the history, and observe the new sustainability features of this ex-industrial site.

What can I do on the Platform?

  • Visit the site 24/7. The Platform and surrounding parklands are open 24hrs a day.
  • Learn about the industrial heritage of the Coal Loader.
  • Join the community garden.
  • Enjoy a picnic and watch the sunset. Responsible alcohol consumption* is permitted on the platform. Special exemptions apply**
  • Have a gathering under 60 people without permit.
  • Walk your dog on-leash.


  • The Platform has a entrance ramp to level acess.
  • The Platform tunnels are accessible via the lift at one end (pic below).
  • Accessible public toilets are located in the Genia McCaffery Centre for Sustainability.
  • Public toilets are located opposite the Coal Loader Café.

Park Rules

The following are NOT permitted on the Coal Loader Platform

  • Marquees (small shade structures weighted down are allowed, no pegs).
  • Amplification including microphones.
  • Littering including rice, confetti, balloons.
  • Dogs off leash.
  • Picking flowers or plants.
  • Events or gatherings greater than 60 people, except by permit.
  • Commercial activity, except by permit.

More Information 

For more information contact Coal Loader staff on 9936 8100.

* Intoxication will result in the whole group being asked to move on.

** No alcohol is permitted anywhere on the Coal Loader site on New Years Eve.



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