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(Schools in North Sydney area are able to apply for one free facilitated visit per school.)

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Whether you’re getting questions about the environment in class, hoping to open up your students horizons on sustainability or looking for content to deliver the curriculum, a visit to the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability in Waverton provides exciting learning opportunities.

Once an industrial site based 2km from Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Centre has been transformed into a beacon of sustainability while still embracing its Aboriginal and industrial heritage.

The Centre’s interactive facilities offer students the chance to learn first-hand how to live sustainably at school and in their homes and fuels their passion for making a positive difference.


Organising a visit is easy…

  1. Access our Coal Loader Sustainability Learning Guide, a teaching resource for years 5-12.
  2. Contact our staff to discuss your needs.
  3. Register here.


What will your class see?

A visit to the Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability will introduce your students to:

  • Information on and real-life examples of sustainable living.
  • Heritage buildings that have been retrofitted to showcase energy and water efficiency.
  • Aboriginal carvings and bush food gardens.
  • A thriving man-made wetland.
  • The biodiversity of Balls Head Reserve, including rare and endangered flora and fauna.
  • Community gardens with chickens.
  • Historic coal-loading equipment from the last century, including the original coal-loading tunnels and wharf.
  • Artists in residence.
  • A state-of-the-art local government and community facility.