Compost Revolution

For a limited time, North Sydney households can join Compost Revolution and receive 50% off a compost bin or worm farm plus FREE delivery.

It's all done online which makes ordering, payment, and delivery easier.*

Composting and worm farming are key ways you can make a difference by reducing your food waste and turning it into a rich source of nutrients to use in your garden.

Click here to the start the tutorial & quiz!

North Sydney residents who complete the fun, online tutorial and pass the quiz will qualify for a compost bin or worm farm at a 50% discount: compost bins are discounted to $49.95 (300ltr), $99.50 (free standing 160 ltr), $134.50 (free standing 245 ltr) and worm farms are discounted to $49.95 (3 tray design) and $199.95 for the Hungry Bin Deluxe worm farm that can process up to 2kg of food waste a day.

The products are:

  • made from 100% recycled materials
  • Australian made
  • designed to improve performance  
  • built to last
  • all weather
  • lightweight and can flat pack
  • free standing compost bins are suitable for apartment buildings as they protect from vermin

You can also read additional product information.

Limited to one order per household and North Sydney residents only. Businesses are not eligible to apply.

Schools, pre-schools and child care centres interested in worm farming are not eligible to apply through Compost Revolution program but may seek financial assistance by applying for a Green School Grant.

* Council will continue to provide composting and worm farming workshops for residents who prefer to attend workshops in person or would like to refresh their knowledge.