Waste Avoidance

Before throwing something out consider reselling it, giving it away, swapping, or...


Try these for the give-away or swap of working or usable household items:

Freecycle, or in the North Sydney area go to Freecycle Willoughby group (free to register), or try ReUse It, and the Sydney North, Sydney North ReUseIt and chat area in the Café.

Facebook group - Lower North Shore (Sydney) FREE Stuff & Low Waste Living

Planet Ark's recycling portal helps locate services - recyclingnearyou.com.au

Before throwing something out consider giving it away to an op shop or a re-use & repair cooperative such as Reverse GarbageThe Bower (more below) or Cycle Recycle (bicycles).

Note: For liquid paint disposal please call the Chemical CleanOut service 13 15 55.


The Bower - Re-use and Repair Centre

This is a pickup and rehoming service is environmental charity and repair cooperative.

North Sydney Council now partners with The Bower - do you have a preloved household item you no longer want but you don’t want going to landfill?

The Bower can also refer you on to lots of other possible recycling services.

You can visit The Bower Centre 7 days a week to shop for a range of refurbished items.

Call the Hotline on 9568 6280 (weekdays 9-5pm) or email reuse@bower.org.au  

Address: 34/142 Addison Road, Marrickville

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Sunday: 10am to 4pm