Residential Waste

Rubbish is collected Monday to Friday mornings in two bins: red and yellow lid.

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Overview of waste services, excess, and fees (3MB)

To check fees (incl pensioner) go to our fees & charges and search on the words "domestic waste".


Red Bin

The standard waste service is one red lid 60 litre bin per week for each residential premises.

The standard waste service is one 240 litre bin per four units in a shared complex.

Please put your bins out the night before collection day, near the kerb, and where they don't block the community.

Please note:

  • If you are a new owner, please confirm your new waste charges correspond with the bin you're using in your new home.
  • There is a strict limit to the number of waste bins or wheelie bins that each property is entitled to have emptied.    
  • Cardboard boxes, rubbish bags or any other waste receptacles other than the approved bin for a house or unit will not be emptied.
  • Any bin which is in a condition likely to cause injury will not be emptied.
  • We recommend that you number your waste bin(s) clearly to avoid a charge for someone else's extra garbage.
  • Red lid bins are emptied manually, so bins overloaded or that exceed size limits will not be emptied unless excess waste has been arranged (see below).
  • Please do not use a wheely-bin purchased from hardware stores for they are not compatible with truck loading mechanisms and will be rejected.

Yellow Bin - Recycling

A free yellow lid bin is allocated to each property and collected on the same collection day and is for comingled recycling: please ensure containers are clean, dry and empty. Remove lids from bottles and jars and flatten cardboard boxes. NO plastic bags.

View what items are accepted or not accepted (3MB)



The standard service is charged a standard flat fee, to check fees go to our fees & charges and search on the words "domestic waste".


Excess Waste

Arrange a one-off disposal of excess rubbish - purchase an excess waste sticker from us to stick on an extra 60 litre standard bin (or it will not be emptied), and if you are a tenant sharing an extra 240 litre mobile bin then stick on four paid stickers - to check fees go to our fees & charges and search on the words "domestic waste".

Arrange a permanent increase to your waste service - to use larger than a red-lid 60 litre bin, or additional bin, please complete an Excess Domestic Waste Service form below, and contact us when you buy your bin. If you are a tenant then apply through your agent or property owner. To check fees go to our fees & charges and search on the words "domestic waste".


Apply online here


Download the paper forms:

Excess Domestic Waste Service - single dwelling (210KB)

Excess Domestic Waste Service - multi dwelling (273KB)


Clean ups

We also have FREE pickup service, on alternate Mondays, that needs to be booked for - Household clean up and Green clean up.


Where does our Waste go?

North Sydney Council sends its general waste to an Alternative Waste Treatment Facility UR-3R at Eastern Creek. The waste is processed and approximately 60% is diverted from landfill in the form of a compost for mine rehabilitation. Take a tour with Costa (ABC Gardening Aust) in the following video:



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