Residential Waste & Recycling

Rubbish is collected Monday-Friday

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Standard Rubbish

The standard waste service provided is one (1) red lid 60 litre bin per week for each residential premises, at a standard rate charge

Please put your bins out the night before collection day, near the kerb, and where they won't block pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle access.

Things you should know:

  • If you are a new owner/tenant, please confirm that your new waste charges correspond with the bin you will be using in your new home.
  • There is a strict limit to the number of waste bins or wheelie bins that each property is entitled to have emptied.
  • Cardboard boxes, rubbish bags or any other waste receptacles other than the approved bin for a house or unit will not be emptied.
  • Any bin which is in a condition likely to cause injury will not be emptied.
  • We recommend that you number your waste bin(s) clearly to avoid a charge for someone else's extra garbage.
  • Non-mobile 60 litre bins are emptied manually - bins that are overloaded or exceed the size limit of one red-top 60 litre bin per house or 240 litre bin per four units, will not be emptied unless appropriate excess arrangements have been made.
  • No paint - liquid paint, of any amount, is not to be placed in the garbage bin because when compacted in the garbage truck it leaks onto the roadway causing environmental damage. For details of the next free chemical collection in our area - check the EPA website.


North Sydney Council offers comingled recycling. Each property is allocated a yellow lid bin which is collected on the same scheduled day as your standard waste bin. Check this sticker on the bin for what is accepted (257KB)

What plastics don't go in recycling?


Therefore, recycle all soft plastics like bread bags, biscuit packets, rice and pasta bags, newspaper wrap and plastic shopping bags at participating Coles and Woolworths, to find out more, go to


Excess Waste

For occasional excess rubbish stickers are available from Council (for a fee) per 60 litre bin. These stickers must be attached to the extra bin or it will not be emptied. Flat or unit dwellers sharing a 240 litre mobile bin are required to buy four stickers (for a fee) per extra 240 litre mobile bin service.

For permanent excess rubbish owners of properties may request a collection in return for an additional fee. Council does not provide bins larger than 60 litres for standard waste. To upgrade or have an additional bin please complete an Excess Waste Service Agreement (below) and contact us when you buy your bin.

Excess Domestic Waste Service - single dwelling (155KB)

Excess Domestic Waste Service - multi dwelling (258KB)

Note: Council also provides at a free Household extra waste and Green extra waste service fortnightly available to all residents by booking.


Other Recycling


You can recycle:

  • AA, AAA, C, DD and 9v smoke alarm batteries
  • laptop, mobile phone, camera batteries
  • cordless phone and std rechargeable batteries
  • UPS, VRLA, and SLA batteries.

battery recycling bins are located at our:


Recycle your flourescent tubes or compact flourescent lightbulbs at the Coal Loader.

Mobile Phones

Recycle your old mobile phones, including battery and chargers at both our Customer Service and the Coal Loader.

Bag Trade-in Offer

Bring ten (10) clean supermarket plastic bags into Council and we will give you a FREE shopping bag in return (one per customer).

Plastic bags cause serious damage to the environment and to marine animals. The plastic will be used in construction industry products.

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