Trade Waste

Bin Collection

Business are required to make their own arrangements for regular ongoing trade waste removal. You may choose to use either a private contractor or the North Sydney Council contractor.

The cost for Council's commercial waste collection depends on the number of bins, bin size, and frequency of collection. Bins may be 56, 120 or 240 litres; or a 660 litre skip. Waste is collected from Monday to Saturday.

If you wish to use the Council service, all you have to do is register with council and choose what morning(s) you would like to have your bin collected. Payment is quarterly (forms below).


Waste Skips

For a waste removal in a skip in a public area such as on a footpath or road, you will need to lodge an application with us (the form is below) before booking your skip service contractor. Your skip in a public area must be positioned safely so as not to block access or visibility for cars and pedestrians.


Waste Saver Assessment - free

North Sydney Council provides a FREE waste saver assessment for all local businesses.

BBP Waste Saver brochure (4MB)

The Better Business Partnership (BBP) team are qualified sustainability professionals who can assess your waste and help you save money, reduce your waste and provide accreditation for the steps you have taken. All BBP members are invited to exclusive networking events throughout the year and could also be a winner at the annual awards. Join today by contacting the BBP team on 9777 7516 or email Lesley Butler on


Saving Waste: handy tips

  • Use stationery and printer paper that is at least 50% recycled.
  • Use email rather than faxing or printing wherever possible.
  • Make double-sided copying the standard practice.
  • Use unwanted printed copy paper as scrap paper.
  • Give workers two waste bins for their desks - one for recycled paper and one for other waste.
  • Use recycled hand towels and toilet paper.
  • Note that toner and ink cartridges from printers, photocopiers and fax machines are recyclable.
  • Ask suppliers to take back packaging if it can't be recycled within the workplace.
  • Ban polystyrene and plastic cups. Encourage workers to bring their own ceramic mug or supply them if needed.
  • If you're having a function, use recyclable cornstarch cutlery and plates and recycled napkins.
  • Brown bag your lunch, instead of using plastic products such as cling-film and ask your local deli or cafe if they'll consider it too.
  • Donate outdated computers, office furniture or mobile phones to a local charity rather than throwing them away. 

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