Direction 5: Our Civic Leadership


  • Restructure of the organisation
  • Engaging with our community
  • Council continued to expand the use of social media
  • Visits to Council's website continued to increase reinforcing the website's popularity as the first point for information
  • Implementing advocacy campaigns on behalf of the community including on Fit for Future Local Government Reform Program
  • Connecting with our customers
  • Improving business systems and technology
  • Awarding $26.7 million in major contracts
  • Council received 1,085 GIPA access applications


  • Integrated organisational planning, to support the delivery of community outcomes and financial sustainability
  • Responding to an evolving community profile, an increasing demand for services and associated cost pressures but not receiving commensurate government funding
  • Ensuring our community is well informed and developing the capacity of our community to engage in Council's decision making
  • Addressing our medium to long term financial position
  • Long term financial planning to ensure we address the historical under expenditure in maintaining Council assets
  • Developing new sources of revenue, other than rates, to maintain and develop infrastructure
  • Managing the accuracy and control of rapidly developing social media is an ongoing challenge for Council. Work continues to ensure that Council is responsive and respective in social media interactions and policies and procedures enable Council to be a trusted voice in the community
  • An ageing workforce and skills shortages in various services delivered by Council
  • Responding to state government local government reforms
  • Uncertainty about the policy initiatives of the state and federal government
  • 78,931

    Calls taken
    by call centre

  • 99%

    responded to within
    10 working days

  • $116.2m

    total income
    from continuing
    operations for

  • 1m +

    visitors to

  • $3.9m

    secured in state and
    federal government

  • Keeping pace with providing services in an environment of increasing legislative obligations imposed by the state government
  • Management of legislative compliance obligations under the multitude of NSW and Australian legislative requirements
  • Keeping pace with the rapid developments in information technology
  • Effective performance management, to support responsible, transparent and accountable government

The Year Ahead

  • Council's budget for the 2015/16 financial year forecasts a net operating result, before capital grants and contributions, of $2.8m. Income from total continuing operations is forecast at $102.3m including capital grants and contributions
  • Our Operational Plan 2015/16 will build on the work we have achieved in the previous 12 months and support the strategic direction of the community. Under our strategic priority of 'Our Civic Leadership', we will be focusing on correct resourcing to achieve our other strategic priorities
  • Conduct customer satisfaction survey
  • Review complaint handling processes
  • Commence webcasting of Council meetings
  • Organisation-wide service reviews to identify efficiencies and process improvements