Financial Report

Council's financial results for 2014/15 were consistent with the performance
achieved in the previous year and the performance budgeted for.

2014/15 Financial Results Overview $000
Total Income 116,219
Total Expenses 93,644
Net Operating Result 22,575
Operating Result before Capital Income 7,032
Total Assets 900,049
Total Liabilities 33,762
Net Assets 866,287
Total Cash and Investments 102,969

The net result for 2014/15 as reported in the financial statements, is a surplus of $22.6m. This is a decrease of $4.1m from the result achieved in 2013/14 and $15.6m higher than that forecast in the original budget. The better than expected operating result can be primarily attributed to additional revenue from developer contributions.

Our Services - Rates at Work

Council adopted a budget for 2014/15 identifying how funds were to be allocated.
For every $100 of expenditure, Council delivered the following services during 2014/15: