Direction 1: Our Living Environment


  • 106kg of waste per person was diverted from landfill
  • Maintained 145 hectares of open space - enough to fill 77 SCGs
  • Held community sustainability workshops
  • Upgrade works were completed for a number of parks and playgrounds
  • Developing Masterplan for North Sydney Olympic Pool
  • Developing options for transformation of Hume Street Park, St Leonards
  • New Greenhouse Action Plan and Water Management Plan


  • Impact of climate change on services and infrastructure project reducing our carbon footprint
  • The need to implement plans to protect biodiversity and halt the intrusion of animal and plant pests
  • Managing the impacts of government policy changes which may affect our commitment to environmental initiatives, climate change adaptation, carbon reduction and the availability of grant funding
  • Ensuring we reach our wider community to promote sustainable living
  • Taking up new environmental initiatives as they become commercially and economically available and sensitively retro-fitting them into Council's buildings, which sometimes have heritage significance
  • Maintaining parks and sportsgrounds to meet competitive usage, increasing demand and community expectations
  • Keeping North Sydney Olympic Pool competitive with other nearby facilities is an ongoing challenge
  • 24kg

    greenwaste diverted
    from landfill
    per person

  • 405

    new trees

  • 63%

    of low/alternative
    fuel vehicles in our
    vehicle fleet

  • 3,407

    volunteer hours
    spent rehabilitating

  • 1,178

    participants in

The Year Ahead

  • Council will continue to invest in sustainability programs
  • Council will continue to reduce the amount of water required in its parks and open space by using efficient irrigation systems where irrigation is required and installing water reuse systems
  • Continue water saving programs and energy efficiency projects at Council facilities
  • Council will continue programs to encourage residents and businesses to reduce their environmental impacts by saving water, reducing energy consumption and improving recycling
  • Council will continue to work towards developing a sustainable vehicle fleet. Key actions include continued sharing of fleet vehicles, reductions in vehicle size and using alternative fuels and technologies
  • Council will continue to promote sustainability through the ongoing activities of the Coal Loader Sustainability Centre. Council will also continue to support key events including Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day
  • Council will continue to work with neighbouring councils and other land managers to accommodate regional demand for sporting facilities
  • Upgrade of North Sydney Olympic Pool
  • Construction of a second synthetic sportsfield at Anderson Park
  • Works programs to upgrade parks and open spaces include:
    • North Sydney Oval
    • Bon Andrews Oval
    • Forsyth Park
    • Tunks Park
    • Watts Park
  • Council will develop Renewable Energy Masterplan
  • Preparation of St Leonards Park Masterplan
  • Interactive "green roof" for Coal Loader