Direction 4: Our Social Vitality


  • Hosting 11,000 people at Council run community events
  • Welcoming 675 new citizens
  • Continued to provide a high quality range of services to support children, young people, families and the elderly to ensure quality of life is enjoyed by all in the community
  • Continued to support the particular needs of customers from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds through the provision of specific programs and services
  • Promoted community harmony and intercultural understanding through programs which counter racism and intolerance and develop understandings of cultural, linguistic and religious diversity
  • Giving $1,903,970 in grants to local community organisations
  • Stanton Library welcomed 483,339 visitors and has around 43,000 members
  • Recreational Needs Study
  • Financial sustainability review of Council's childcare services
  • Initiation of public art trail
  • 593,649

    Stanton Library

  • 53

    groups assisted by
    annual Community

  • 338,938

    visits at
    North Sydney
    Olympic Pool

  • 11,000

    attendees at
    Council run

  • 12,263

    community bus


  • The growing older population placing increasing pressures on a number of our services
  • Increasing risk of social isolation as social bonds are weakened and people become more disconnected from others
  • The declining affordability of local housing
  • Children's services development and usage continues to be affected by increased demand that could not be met within available resources, government freeze on the funding of additional services, and policy changes, particularly a move towards accreditation and increasing regulation

The Year Ahead

  • Council will continue to work on its various community programs including immunisation, vacation care, Planet X Youth Centre, Creating Wellbeing, Men's Shed and community safety
  • Continue to ensure local communities are connected through knowledge and information
  • Develop a placemaking policy
  • Refurbishment of Nutcote House Museum
  • Redevelopment of Parraween Street Car Park at Cremorne for mixed use