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Learn about the government program providing free support to carers. Presented in Mandarin. 了解澳大利亚政府的一项联邦计划,为全国范围内的照顾者提供免费服务和支持. 普通话讲解.

如果您是照顾者,可通过 Carer Gateway(照顾者门户)获得帮助和支持。(If you are a carer then you can access support services through Carer Gateway.)

Carer Gateway 设有多项服务,可帮助您应付照顾者可能受到的各种日常挑战,情感压力和经济压力。(The program has a number of services to help you cope with the various everyday challenges, emotional and financial stress that a carer may experience.)

  • Carer Gateway 计划是澳大利亚政府的一项联邦计划,为全国范围内的照顾者提供免费服务和支持 (Carer Gateway is a federal program of the Australian Government that provides free services and support to carers across the country.)
  • Carer Gateway 计划可以为照顾者提供短期服务,例如:咨询,紧急支援,促进辅导,同伴支持和适合的援助配套服务,包括针对年轻照顾者的专门计划。它还可以以经配套的形式提供以照顾者为导向的支持 (Carer Gateway can provide carers with short-term services such as: counselling, emergency support, facilitative counselling, peer support and appropriate support packages, including specialized programs for young carers. It can also provide carer-oriented support in a packaged form.)
  • 该服务不需经济状况调查,可与 Centrelink,NDIS 和 My Aged Care Packages 结合使用。这是额外的支持 (The service is not means tested and can be used in conjunction with Centrelink, NDIS and My Aged Care Packages. This is an additional service.)

普通话讲解。(Presented in Mandarin.)

时间:星期四 3月23号 10点半 - 11点半 (Time: Thursday March 23, 10:30-11:30am)
地点:Stanton图书馆 (Where: Stanton Library)
价钱:免费 (Cost: Free)

欢迎免费参加。必须预约。(This event is free but booking is required.)