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Get your strata living questions answered with Responsive Strata Management at our FREE monthly drop-in help desk.

Receive help from Edward Baker, managing director of Responsive Strata Management, with the following:

  • Resolving disputes in strata 

  • Role, powers, and liability of the strata committee 

  • Role of the strata manager and/or building manager 

  • Owners Corporation’s responsibility 

  • Interpreting strata plans (common property vs. lot owner property) 

  • Who pays for what in strata 

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Major projects in strata 

  • Levies and financial queries 

  • Governance and compliance with legislation 

  • Convening and running general meetings and strata committee meetings 

  • Building Management Committees, Community Associations, other complex subdivisions in strata

Held on the first Friday of the month (excluding January).


About the presenter

Edward Baker is the managing director of Responsive Strata Management, which was founded with the goal of providing Owners Corporations and Strata Committees with the personal service that they may not be receiving with their current strata managing agents.

He has been a strata manager for over 20 years and is always looking for ways to share his knowledge and experience with owners and committee members.