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Former DGSE spy brings a chillingly plausible thriller delivering taut plotting, superb action and authentic spycraft.

Cover for Jack Beaumont's new book 'Dark Arena'. Silhouette of a man holding a gun

A high-stakes thriller that could be ripped from today's headlines.

Alec de Payns, espionage operative of the Y Division of the DGSE, France's famed foreign intelligence service, is tasked with tracking down an agent of influence sending highly classified material against the Kremlin to embassies all over Europe.

A deadly conspiracy is aligning the West against Russia. But who is behind it? And to what end?

The clues lead to a secret meeting of businessmen, terrorists and mercenaries on a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean, which de Payns must infiltrate. What he discovers sets off a Europe-wide manhunt in a desperate scramble to prevent an international catastrophe.

Former DGSE spy Jack Beaumont's Dark Arena is another chillingly plausible thriller delivering all the taut plotting, superb action and authentic spycraft that made The Frenchman a critically acclaimed bestseller.

About the author

Jack Beaumont is the pseudonym of a former operative in the clandestine operations branch of the French foreign secret service, the DGSE.

He joined 'The Company' after being an Air Force fighter pilot and later flying special operations and intelligence missions. Beaumont's background gives his novels a level of authenticity that few other spy thrillers have been able to achieve.

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