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Author Sarah Martin shares her story of hope and love through her family's journey of mental health.

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What would you do if you received a message from a stranger telling you that your daughter, who is travelling alone in Turkey, is having some sort of mental ill health episode?

Dear Psychosis is a confronting, dramatic and no-holds-barred account of a family's experience following their daughter's first-ever psychotic episode in Istanbul, and her later diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

To some, it may be a warning, to others a story of hope. Most of all, it shows how the love and care given by strangers and family alike paved the way for their daughter's recovery and inspired the family to break the silence around mental illness.

It is a powerful story that needs to be heard.

About the author

Despite being an experienced theatre nurse and part of an extended family of medical professionals, nothing could have prepared Sarah for navigating the health system after her daughter Alice began experiencing psychosis and later, bipolar disorder.

Dear Psychosis is Sarah's first book and describes not only the dramatic rescue of her unwell daughter from Turkey, but the ongoing impact of helping a loved one deal with mental illness. Most of all, it is a story of recovery, hope and the power of family.

When not tackling the stigma and silence around mental illness, Sarah loves playing golf and making and baking sourdough bread.