Exception to Development Standards Register

Below are public registers of applications which have been determined with variations to a development standard. 

The variations have been made as either an:

  1. Objection to a development standard under State Environmental Planning Policy SEPP No. 1 - Development Standards; or

  2. exception to a development standard under Clause 4.6 of our North Sydney LEP 2013.


Variations Reports

Reports are available here when an update becomes available quarterly per financial year.

At any one time we display approximately the last three years.


2019-2020 Q1 Development Standards variations (118KB)

2019-2020 Q2 Development Standards variations (88KB)

2019-2020 Q3 Development Standards variations (109KB)

2019-2020 Q4 Development Standards variations (20KB)


2020-2021 Q3 Development Standards variations (55KB)

2020-2021 Q4 Development Standards variations (60KB)


2020-2021 Q1 DPIE Clause 4.6 variations (65KB)

2020-2021 Q2 DPIE Clause 4.6 variations (67KB)


2021-2022 Q1 DPIE clause 4.6 variations (80KB)


Voluntary Planning Agreements

Agreements enable a broader range and extent of development contributions to be realised from the planning and development assessment process.

North Sydney Council VPA