LEP Review

North Sydney Council is progressing a detailed review of its Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to ensure Council’s existing planning framework and controls closely align with the planning priorities identified in the Greater Sydney Commission’s (GSC) Regional and District Plans.

New rules introduced by the NSW Government in March 2018, meant that all councils were required to prepare an: 

  1. LEP review

  2. Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

  3. Local Housing Strategy (LHS)

The completion of these projects has resulted in the need to amend the North Sydney LEP (NSLEP) 2013.


1. Amendment to NSLEP 2013

On 25 November 2019, Council considered a report with respect to a Planning Proposal (7/19) (41MB) seeking to amend NSLEP 2013 to give effect to the relevant recommendations and actions of the LSPS and LHS and to incorporate a number of miscellaneous housekeeping amendments to ensure a clear, transparent and contemporary planning instrument is maintained.

Council subsequently resolved to endorse the Planning Proposal and forward it to the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) to obtain a Gateway Determination and enable the Planning Proposal to be placed on public exhibition.

Following receipt of a Gateway Determination from the DPIE (May, 2020), Council placed the Planning Proposal on public exhibition. For information on the Planning Proposal please visit our Planning Proposal webpage. 

For more information, contact Ben Boyd, Strategic Planning Department, on 9936 8100.

Project updates, including future engagement opportunities will be made available on Council’s Your Say webpage


2. Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS)

On 24 March 2020, Council adopted the following:

North Sydney Local Strategic Planning Statement

This followed receipt of a Letter of Support from the GSC on 20 March 2020.

The LSPS sets out Council’s land use vision, planning principles, priorities, and actions for the next 20 years. It outlines the desired future direction for housing, employment, transport, recreation, environment and infrastructure for North Sydney LGA.

The LSPS guides the content of Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) and supports Council’s consideration and determination of any proposed changes to the development standards under the LEP (via Planning Proposals).

The LSPS is required to be consistent with the GSC’s Greater Sydney Regional Plan (‘A Metropolis of Three Cities’) and North District Plan, and provide a clear line-of-sight between the key strategic priorities identified at the regional and district level and the local and neighbourhood level. The LSPS requires approval by the GSC.

Community feedback received during the development of the North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028 (CSP), as well as a range of other established Council strategies and planning documents has helped inform the LSPS. The CSP, in particular, outlines the community’s aspirations for North Sydney, now and in the future.




Council engaged the community in this project and sought community feedback on the draft LSPS during the six-week public exhibition in July-August 2019.

For more information contact Neal McCarry, Strategic Planning Department on 9936 8100.

The project background and key milestones can be found on Council’s Your Say webpage.


3. Local Housing Strategy (LHS)

On 25 November 2019, Council considered a report outlining the outcomes to the public exhibition of the LHS (14MB) and resolved to adopt the LHS with an action to forward it to the DPIE for their approval and publication on the NSW Planning Portal.

The LHS that was forwarded to the DPIE for approval is located here:

North Sydney Local Housing Strategy (19MB)

The LHS establishes Council’s vision for housing in the LGA and provides a link between this vision and the housing objectives and targets set out in the GSC’s North District Plan.

The LHS details how and where housing will be provided in the North Sydney LGA, including consideration of demographic trends, local housing supply and demand, and local land-use opportunities and constraints. It also identifies areas of cultural, environmental, heritage or local character significance.

Council is still awaiting formal endorsement from the DPIE of its LHS.

For more information, contact Marcelo Occhiuzzi, Strategic Planning Department, on 9936 8100.

Project updates, including future engagement opportunities will be made available on Council’s Your Say webpage.



Initial review of NSLEP 2013

The LEP is the primary legal instrument councils use to guide planning decisions and control development. North Sydney Council last completed a comprehensive review of its LEP in 2013.

Following the release of the Greater Sydney Regional Plan (‘A Metropolis of Three Cities’) and North District Plan, all councils have a legal obligation under the EP&A Act 1979 to review their LEPs to ensure they align with the planning priorities identified in these Plans. This includes identifying priorities or gaps for further investigation.

On 19 November 2018, Council considered a report identifying future projects that will form part of the wider LEP review (3MB). This report highlighted the legislative requirement for councils to prepare a LSPS to provide the basis for strategic planning in a council’s local government area (LGA). The LSPS informs any changes to a council’s local environmental plan and/or other planning policies as part of the LEP Review process. Council also had to prepare a LHS which fulfils one of the actions of the LSPS.