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Affordable Housing Strategy


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Affordable Housing Strategy 2017 update (1MB)



The State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) for Affordable Rental Housing is designed to retain and increase the amount and diversity of affordable housing in NSW.

The SEPP aims to better encourage home owners, social housing providers and developers to invest and create new affordable rental housing to meet the needs of our growing population and existing residents.

In particular, the SEPP:

  • encourages partnerships between private and not-for-profit housing providers,
  • assists in the provision of housing closer to major employment areas, consistent with the State Plan,
  • mitigates against the loss of any existing affordable housing,
  • positions NSW to be a beneficiary of major Australian Government housing funding programs,
  • supports innovative affordable housing styles, including granny flats and new style boarding houses,
  • delivers good urban design outcomes.

Further information on affordable housing and how the SEPP applies is provided on the Department of Planning's website.

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