The Building Sustainability Index, BASIX, is a scheme designed to reduce greenhouse gases and water consumption.

It was introduced by the NSW Government in the form of a State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP).

All new detached and single attached houses are required to reduce water and energy consumption. A BASIX certificate is also required to be lodged for all alterations and additions to existing dwellings. The following activities trigger the need to get a BASIX certificate:

  • Extensions/modifications to living areas or wet areas
  • modification to the fabric of a building
  • new pools & outdoor spas
  • new hot water systems and air conditioner (AC) units.

A BASIX Certificate is only required where the works require a development application (DA). In many instances, Council requires a DA for air-conditioner units in conservation areas/heritage affected areas.

The BASIX requirements do not apply to:

  • new garages/carports
  • new outdoor/open structures
  • pergolas/verandahs/awnings where they are the only thing being constructed.

The BASIX website, NSW Govt: includes

  • the BASIX tool for detached and single attached dwellings (with supporting help notes and design guidelines),
  • detailed practice notes for key stakeholders including residential developers, consent authorities and certifiers.

Council Support

The planting of Australian native plants can input into your BASIX score. 

For information about what to plant, join our Native Havens Program or choose from our list of Native Plants of North Sydney.