Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan


A local infrastructure contribution plan for the purposes of s.7.11 (previously s.94) of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979, applies to all land in the North Sydney Council local government area (LGA).

North Sydney local infrastructure contributions plan (1009KB)

The Contributions Plan sets out the amount of contributions payable and is generally determined depending upon where the proposed development is located within the LGA, the type of development proposed (eg. residential or commercial) and the intensity of that development (e.g. the amount of additional dwellings or commercial floor space). The Contributions Plan also documents the rationale and justification for the contributions and the contribution rates applicable. It also includes works schedules which indicate what facilities are to be provided.


Annually Adjusted

Local infrastructure contributions are adjusted annually by the consumer price index, and are detailed in the below table for the current year.

North Sydney local infrastructure contributions (490KB)

If contributions are not paid within one year of a development consent being issued, the contributions will be subject to a further consumer price index adjustment. The adjusted contributions rates payable can be determined by contacting Council’s Financial Services department on 9936 8100.




For enquiries, or to discuss, please contact Council’s Strategic Planning department on 9936 8100.