Education Precinct upgrade

Living Campus is a council initiative to transform the education precinct into a popular and easy to reach destination in North Sydney through a suite of short to long-term public domain upgrades.


Project outline

The scope of works include:

  • installation of a new shared zone
  • landscaping including planting new trees
  • new street furniture
  • reviewing signage including regulatory, street and directional
  • the installation of 20 street lighting poles
  • new pedestrian crossing lights within the education precinct and CBD
  • removal of redundant Ausgrid and Council lighting and poles

Update June 2017

The first stage of the Education Precinct Public Domain Upgrade has reached practical completion. This work has seen Napier St and Charles St converted to a shared zone and Berry Street pave with granite. All areas are now open to the public and fully functional. The upgrade has included nine new street trees, 12 new garden bed, new lighting, bollards and bike racks.

Minor defects and additional work will be completed when pavers are available (expected in August).


Project information

Education is an important topic for North Sydney. Our local government area supports over 17,000 students - and this figure is steadily growing.

The education precinct is 26 hectares of commercial, mixed use and residential land to the west of the North Sydney centre. It supports close to one third of our total student population.

The tree-lined streets and well-preserved heritage buildings contribute to the area’s strong sense of character.

The Living Campus project involves place making strategies that:

  • enhance the precinct’s function as an urban campus
  • better connect people, schools and places
  • transform the streets into valuable civic spaces.

The aim is to create a series of attractive, safe and engaging spaces for students, residents and workers to enjoy. The program’s success relies on a partnership approach between Council, the schools and the local community.


North Sydney Council released the Education Precinct Planning Study in 2013. The Education Precinct Public Domain Masterplan was adopted by Council in September 2014. Works began in 2016.

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