Abandoned Vehicles

When a vehicle is left unattended and unregistered on any public road or other Council property, Rangers will advise the last registered owner by a formal 'Notice of Intention to Impound' that it must either be re-registered within a prescribed period or removed to private property.

The Notice will advise of the fees, charges and penalties applicable for non-compliance with the Notice.

If the last registered owner fails to comply with the Notice the vehicle will be deemed at law to be abandoned and impounded or destroyed.

After Council has made all enquiries required under the Impounding Act 1993, Division 4 (18) of the Act allows that vehicles that are determined to be worth less than $500 may be destroyed upon impounding.

Vehicles determined to be worth $500 or more will be taken to a holding yard when impounding, where they will accrue daily holding charges. For these vehicles to be released to the last registered owner, this person must provide to Council proof of identity, proof of ownership and pay to Council a release fee as determined by Council. They will then be advised of the location of the holding yard and will have to pay to the holding yard contractor the total fees due for the accrued daily storage of the vehicle.

If a vehicle that is worth $500 or more is not claimed by the last registered owner within 28 days of being impounded, it will be auctioned to recover the costs incurred by both Council and the holding yard contractor. The net proceeds of the sale of the vehicle will be held by Council and may be claimed by the last registered owner upon providing the relevant proofs.

The abandonment of a vehicle is an offence under the Local Government Act and is also subject to penalty under that Act that is not prejudiced by the charges mentioned above that are applied under the Impounding Act 1993.