Smart City Strategy and Action Plan

Smart cities are usually categorised by three elements: technology, data, and innovation.

The need to develop a smart city strategy was identified during the consultation for the North Sydney Community Strategic Plan 2018-2028, which includes the Outcome 3.3 - North Sydney is Smart and Innovative.

Subsequently, Council developed the North Sydney Council Delivery Program 2018/19-2020/21, which includes the project - Develop a Smart City Strategy.

The North Sydney Smart City Strategy sets out the vision, principles and priorities, which will guide Council’s digital transformation journey from the outset. It is supported by a three-year Action Plan, which includes actions and performance measures, along with the responsible Council Departments. 

The Strategy and Action Plan are based on the following interrelated themes:

  1. Smart Travel
  2. Smart Infrastructure
  3. Smart Economy
  4. Smart Leadership
  5. Smart Sustainability
  6. Smart Community

Council adopted the Strategy and Action Plan on 23 September 2019, which can be viewed below:

Council will continue to engage with the community during implementation.


More information

For more information contact James Marshall, Economic Development Coordinator, on 9936 8100.