Noise Pollution

Noise is a frequent cause of complaints to the council, local police and the Department of Environment and Conservation. There are strict guidelines covering the amount of noise a business can make. It is your responsibility to ensure that your business operates within these guidelines. Similarly, businesses around you are required to operate within the noise guidelines.


Dealing with Noise Pollution Around You

If noise is a problem, there are a number of options you can follow up on, as listed here: Noise pollution: the types and who to contact


Ways to Avoid Making Noise Pollution

Certain activities can generate levels of noise ranging from being a nuisance to actually damaging people's health. Noise pollution standards permit the highest noise levels in industrial areas, but are most stringent in residential areas. As a small business owner, you need to be aware of what area you are operating in and the suitable noise levels your business can make.

The North Sydney Council area operates under the following set of guidelines detailing the specific times certain noise producing activities can be carried out.


Covid-19 Update

Garbage collections and supermarket deliveries: due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing at works depots, waste collections and supermarket deliveries may take place prior to 6:00am.


Industrial Waste Collection

Early morning waste collections should be restricted to non-residential areas. Where a residential area is impacted by noise from the collection it should be restricted to these times: 

6am-10pm Monday to Saturday
6am-10pm Sunday & Public Holidays

  • Bins should be located at sites that provide minimal annoyance to residential premises.
  • Compaction should be carried out while the vehicle is moving.
  • Bottles should not be broken up at collection site.
  • Routes that service predominantly residential areas should be altered regularly to reduce early morning disturbances.


Mobile Vendors

No noise device from a vehicle (for the purpose of advertising) can operate in a public place.


Truck-Mounted Refrigeration Units

The noise from the operation of a truck-mounted refrigeration unit must not be audible within a habitable room of any other residence, regardless of whether parked on residential premises or non-residential premises during these hours:

Habitable rooms - residential
7am-8pm Monday to Friday
8am-8pm Saturday & Sunday & Public Holidays


Deliveries to Shops, Supermarkets and Service Stations

Deliveries should be inaudible in a habitable room of any residential premises outside the hours:

6am-10pm Monday to Sunday

Note: Allowances are made for newspaper and bread deliveries. All ancillary motors or trucks should be turned off while making the delivery.