As a small business owner you should be doing all that you can to ensure your business doesn't impact negatively on the community and the environment.

If you see, or accidentally cause, any of the following types of pollution, please report it to Council.

  • Paint - paint or wastewater produced from cleaning painting equipment must be disposed of correctly (at an appropriate waste facility, or via the sewerage system - contact Sydney Water for advice). Allowing these substances to enter a stormwater gutter or inlet drain is classified as a pollution incident.
  • Suds from carwashing - wastewater produced from washing your car may not escape into a stormwater gutter or inlet drain. If this occurs, it will enter the Harbour and potentially damage the marine ecosystem. All suds from car washing should be directed onto a garden or lawn area.
  • Dust - Large-scale excavation and demolition that occurs on building sites has the potential to allow dust and fibres to enter the atmosphere. If you witness a plume of dust from a building site, it should be reported to Council. Dust suppression techniques should be employed on building sites; these include the use of water and shade cloth material.
  • Oil/fuel - sources of oil/fuel pollution include food shops, cars, workshops, service stations and others. If left unreported, it can find its way from the roadway and footpath into Council's stormwater system.
  • Sewerage - broken and blocked private sewerage lines can allow raw and diluted sewage to enter waterways and public areas. Immediate action should be taken to address the problem.
  • Sediment, cement slurry - all by-products and wastewater produced on building sites including water containing sediment or cement slurry should be contained within the building site boundary. Allowing such materials to enter Council's stormwater system can be classified as a pollution offence.
  • Sediment and Erosion brochure (233KB)

  • Rubbish - dumped rubbish located in Council's reserves, laneways and surrounding waterways has the potential to contaminate land and water environments. Examples of dumped rubbish include food waste, asbestos, building material, household furnishings and commercial waste.

If you witness any of the above, please contact North Sydney Council immediately on 9936 8100.

NSW DPE website has a range of contacts detailing how you can do your part for our environment: https://www.environment.nsw.gov.au/about-us/contact-us/report-a-problem