Warringah Freeway Noise Walls

If the Warringah Freeway were built today, it would automatically receive noise walls along its entire length.

Since it opened in 1968, the volume of traffic in this corridor has increased steadily and carries more vehicles each day. Over the years, thanks to community advocacy noise abatement/noise walls have been progressively introduced along the length of the Freeway by the NSW Government.



July 2021
Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is planning to build a Massey to Amherst Street Noise Wall to help reduce the impact of traffic noise for residents in Massey, Armstrong and Jenkins Streets, Cammeray.

Massey to Amherst Street Noise Wall July 2021 (224KB)

The noise wall design proposal was publicly displayed for community feedback between 2 and 23 December 2020. Eight submissions were received. After considering the feedback received, TfNSW will proceed with building the noise wall in line with the proposed concept design and the colour of the noise wall will be reviewed.

TfNSW is hosting a virtual information session will be held on 28 July 2021 at 4pm.  

To join, visit the website at nswroads.work/m2a at the time of the session and click on the video link. TfNSW will be record the session and post on its website. If you don’t have access to the internet and would like more information call TfNSW on 1800 931 189 (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm).

For more information visit nswroads.work/Amherst


Resident Action & Campaign

Noise Abatement Program (NAP)

If you experience freeway traffic noise, register to go on the NAP here www.rms.nsw.gov.au/nap

Residents cannot obtain details of NAP registrations from the RMS due to confidentiality - but if you are already registered on NAP or have applied please advise Mr Graham Webster (contact details below) so that the residents can track NAP registration numbers.

Please write to Andrew Constance - Minister for Transport & Roads requesting priority be given to the Warringah Freeway sound barrier.

Contact the following resident if you want more information, or if you can help:

Mr Graham Webster
9922 3192


Resident Updates

Updates can be emailed to residents (send details to Graham Webster) or can be viewed here:

Resident update 01 - Oct 2010 (15KB)

Resident update 02 - Feb 2011 (16KB)

Resident update 03 - Nov 2011 (123KB)

Resident update 04 - Mar 2012 (523KB)

Resident update 05 - Oct 2012 (105KB)

Resident update 06 - Nov 2013 (105KB)

Resident update 07 - Apr 2014 (99KB)

Resident update 08 - Aug 2015 (364KB)

Resident update 09 - Nov 2016 (84KB)

Resident update 10 - Nov 2017 (57KB)

Resident update 11 - Dec 2018 (117KB)

Resident update 12 - Dec 2019 (120KB)

Resident update 13 - Apr 2021 (521KB)



  • 14 Sep 2010 Council hosted a public meeting to discuss the issue: you can read Council's minutes (24KB), or the resident-recorded minutes (106KB).
  • 16 Dec 2010 The Mayor, resident representatives, and Council staff met with the RTA who advised they "engaged a consultant to assess the potential noise impact from the Warringah Freeway. The noise assessment will evaluate the noise levels and the noise treatment measures (where required) to mitigate the noise levels that are above the criteria." The CEO of RTA advised in replies to residents that "the request for the Warringah freeway to be a 'special case' will be reviewed once the noise assessment is complete". The noise assessment report by the consultant is below. Resident-recorded minutes (90KB).
  • 7 April 2011 Meeting between RTA, residents and Council: resident-recorded minutes (14KB).
  • 11 Aug 2011 Mayor and Council staff met with Ministers in new Government - discussions included Noise Walls - Duncan Gay MLC Minister for Roads & Ports, Gillian Skinner MP for North Sydney and Minister for Health, Gladys Berejiklian MP for Willoughby and Minister for Transport.
  • 2 Nov 2011 Meeting between Residents and Mayor and Council - ongoing action re Noise Walls - to arrange meeting with RMS.
  • 16 Feb 2012 Meeting between RMS, Mayor and Council and residents - status and ongoing action re Noise Walls - progress in being achieved on all Noise Catchment Areas (NCA) - RMS actions in resident-recorded minutes (152KB).
  • 19 Oct 2012 Meeting between RMS and residents resident-recorded minutes (87KB).
  • 31 Jan 2013 Meeting between NSC and residents resident-recorded minutes (92KB).

Noise Consultant report May 2011

Earlier the RTA (now RMS) engaged an independent consultant to assess the noise impact of the Warringah Freeway. Here is the report summary:

Summary Report 13 May 2011 (17KB)

RTA Noise Wall Locations - north (806KB)

Noise Wall Locations - south (797KB)

RTA - Noise Catchment Areas 1 (183KB)

RTA - Noise Catchment Areas 2 (186KB)

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