Styles & Specifications


Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes

These public domain codes are guidelines that address the character, functionality and accessibility of a streetscape.

The aim is to set out comprehensive design objectives to achieve a distinctive look among all the different villages in the North Sydney local government area. They are practical guides covering all aspects of urban street design, streetscape furniture and public domain elements.

From 2014 onwards, one key change was replacing the existing sandstone pavers in the CBD with hard wearing granite possessing a serviceable finish. The granite is a complimentary colour to the existing sandstone so that the transition will blend into the streetscape. Other significant modifications include new designs for seats and bus shelters in the North Sydney Local Government Area.

Public Domain Style Manual and Design Codes (84MB)


Infrastructure Specification Manual for Road works, Drainage and Miscellaneous Works

Contains detailed infrastructure specifications for the works described within this section of the DCP. It covers road works, storm water, drainage and more. Download this document here, or it is available from Council's Customer Service Centre.

Infrastructure Specification Guide (7MB)