Waverton Peninsula Strategic Masterplan

Due Completion:

The Waverton Peninsula Strategic Masterplan was prepared by consultants Clouston & Partners for North Sydney Council in conjunction with a range of key stakeholders including the local and regional community and NSW Government agencies. It was completed and adopted by Council in 1999.

The masterplan sets out strategies for the future development of the Coal Loader / Caltex and BP ex-industrial sites for public open space and working waterfront land uses. It outlines the design, planning and management processes for the sites in line with the guiding principles established in NSW Government statutory planning controls. These controls were prepared for a number of ex-industrial sites around the harbour following the then-Premier Bob Carr's announcement in 1997 that the sites were to be preserved for public use.

View the Waverton Peninsula Master Plan (6MB)

View the Waverton Peninsula Conservation Management Plan (11MB)

The master plan is being progressively implemented in stages as funding permits. Detailed designs plans were prepared and development consent obtained for the BP site (now known as Carradah Park) in 2003. Detailed design plans for the Coal Loader / Caltex site were finalised and development consent granted in 2008.


>BP site DA plans

>Coal Loader site DA plans


Completed construction works

> BP site Stage 1: 2004

> BP site Stage 2: 2005

> BP site interpretive signage: 2007 (398KB)

> Coal Loader site Stage 1: 2009

> Coal Loader site Stage 2a: 2010

> Coal Loader site Stage 2b: 2011

> Coal Loader to Carradah Park link track: 2014

> Coal Loader Morrison Mead Skip restoration: 2014


Future proposed works

> Coal Loader platform Green-roof

> Coal Loader Tunnel No. 1 restoration

> Coal Loader lower terrace picnic / bbq and stage area.

> Coal Loader harbourlink steps


For further information on completed and proposed works please contact Council's Project Manager, Open Space & Environmental Services Division on 9936 8100.

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