Creating Wellbeing

Creating Wellbeing is a free program for 18 years+ that may be of particular benefit for residents living with mental illness or experiencing social isolation. Participants can explore creativity and learn new skills in a friendly and supportive environment.

  • Workshops are limited to 12 participants
  • Prior registration is essential
  • No prior experience required
  • All art materials provided
  • Sessions are run at the North Sydney Community Centre's Art Room

Artwork provided courtesy of artist Anne Numont



The 2022 Creating Wellbeing Program

Fri 29 April 12.30 - 3pm

Mark making with Emotion, with Alex.

Drawing on key emotional words, you will be guided to respond intuitively using a diverse range of tools, colours and media. 

Fri 3 June 12.30 - 3pm Tutor and activity to be confirmed...
Fri 24 June 12.30 - 3pm Tutor and activity to be confirmed...
Fri 29 Jul 12.30 - 3pm

Tea Light Lanterns with Kathie.

Illuminate your winter by creating your own tealight lampshade with simple collage, paper cut-out and drawing.

Fri 2 Sep 12.30 - 3pm

Make an artist book with Janet.

Learn simple folding and construction techniques to make a unique and personalised artist book.

Fri 23 Sep 12.30 - 3pm

Tree of Life with Jenny.

Use a range of collected natural objects to create a Tree of Life – symbolic in many cultures as a metaphor for how we are in life. Session includes guided meditation. 

Fri 28 Oct 12.30 - 3pm

Creating Inner Landscapes with Alma.

Participants will plaster be provided with a plaster relief. It will function as a blank slate for creating individual body-maps as representation of personal inner landscapes.

Fri 2 Dec 12.30 - 3pm

Wrapture! with Anne.

Create personalised wrapping paper, cards and collage with reused and recycled materials, mini hand-rollers and paints.


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