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Harrison Precinct Committee was reactivated on 24 August 2017.


Presentation by Transport for NSW regarding B-Line bus infrastructure changes to Cremorne & Neutral Bay - 19 October

Harrison Precinct Committee hosted a "special precinct meeting".

Transport for NSW gave a presentation on the n B-Line bus infrastructure changes to Cremorne and Neutral Bay.

TfNSW Presentation - 19 October 2017 (848KB)

The presentation was followed by a Q&A session open to the floor.

            Q & A Summary - 19 October 2017 (300KB)


A report was submitted to Council at its meeting on 30 October 2017 regarding three recent Precinct meetings with the NSW Government about transport infrastructure projects, (including the above).

Council resolved: 

1. THAT the Q&A session transcripts from all the meetings, once finalised with TfNSW and RMS, be circulated and/or published to all stakeholders.

2. THAT Council accept and follow up on the RMS offer (arising from the 12 October 2017 meeting) to present again at a precinct/community meeting with their air quality expert in response to their key “take away”, that exhaust fumes/stack ventilation/air quality remains a major community concern.

3. THAT Council write to the State Government asking for a moratorium on all infrastructure works relating to the B-Line that have been proposed to take place in Cremorne and Neutral Bay for six months in order to undertake a trial of the B-Line bus service to collect real-time data and that such a trial not take place over the Christmas/ New Year period.

4. THAT Council write to the Member for North Shore requesting a copy of her correspondence to the Minister for Transport in relation to the B-Line.

5. THAT Council thank Council staff and in particular Jenny Gleeson, for organising the public meetings that have been held over the past 4-6 weeks in relation to the Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link and the B-Line.

CiS11: Special Precinct Meetings - Transport Infrastructure Related Projects (275KB)

Letter from Felicity Wilson MP- 23 October 2017 (346KB) (29KB)


Meeting Details

Meets first Thursday of the month at 7pm
Venue: Cremorne Early Childhood Centre
108 Parraween St, Cremorne


Office Bearers:

John Lucas, Co-Convenor

Michiko De Solom, Co-Convenor

Email: harrison.precinct@gmail.com

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