Harrison Precinct

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Meeting Details

Meets first Thursday of the month.

Email: harrison.precinct@gmail.com


Update - November 2022

Harrison Precinct Committee will be holding a their meeting on Thursday 3 November. Meeting Information (165KB)


In February 2021, Harrison Precinct Committee unanimously resolved:

That Harrison Precinct invite Bennett Precinct (which no longer has a Convenor) to temporarily merge with Harrison Precinct until the outcome of the Precinct System Review is announced by Council. 


Highlights and Current Projects

  • Harrison Precinct Committee was reactivated on 24 August 2017.
  • The Precinct is named after Harrison Street (previously known as Cooper Street). In 1870 John Cooper purchased the Thrupps grant, and in 1879 James Start Harrison leased 4 acres of Cooper’s leasehold. James Start Harrison (1837-1902) was a prominent accountant and philanthropist, who devoted much of his time to the improvement of the conditions of the poor and the helpless”. On his death in 1902, the property was subdivided, which included the street now named after him.


Meetings & Minutes




Summary of Actions


February (277KB)**

March (196KB)**

April AGM (268KB)

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October - Cancelled

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Council responses to actions arising from Precinct meetings:

Summary of Actions 2022 (420KB)

Summary of Actions 2021 (342KB)

Summary of Actions 2020 (194KB)

Summary of Actions 2019 (323KB)

Summary of Actions 2018 (505KB)


For precinct Minutes prior to 2018

contact Council on 9936 8100


 * A 'vote outside committee' (VoC) format was used instead of a face-to-face meeting.

**An online meeting format was used instead of face-to-face meeting.