Hayberry Precinct

Hayberry Precinct Map (25KB)


Meeting Details

Time: 6.30pm

Venue: Union Hotel, 271 Pacific Hwy, North Sydney  


Office Bearers

Davie Macdonald, Chairperson

Email: HayberryPrecinctNorthSydney@gmail.com


Highlights and Current Projects:

  • Hayberry Precinct is named after Hayberry Street. "Hayberry" is a portmanteau of the names of the Berry family and their cousin, Sir John Hay (1816-1892), inheritor of the Berry Estate. Alexander Berry (1781-1873) and his family were early settlers of this area. Berry was the business partner of Edward Wollstonecraft and built the substantial “Crows Nest House” in 1850, now the site of North Sydney Demonstration School

Residents who would like further information about this Precinct email the Chairperson at HayberryPrecinctNorthSydney@gmail.com or call 0418 286 296.


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contact Council on 9936 8100