Registry Precinct

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Meeting Details
Meets last Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm
Geddes Room, North Sydney Council
200 Miller Street, North Sydney

Office Bearer & Co-Chairs: Jenny Bridge, Marianne De Souza, Mary Ashton


Mobile: 0417 688 901


Highlights and Current Projects:

  • Beautification of the new pedestrian overpass across Warringah Expressway at Falcon Street.
  • The Registry Precinct is named after the Cammeray Motor Registry office that used to be a central feature of the area.

WHTBL - Special Precinct Meeting, March 2018

Registry Precinct Committee hosted a Special Precinct Meeting (138KB) supported by Stanton, Holtermann, Milson, Bay and Plateau Precinct Committees.

This was the third community information session hosted by Precinct Committees regarding the proposed Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link (WHTBL).

The purpose of the meeting was to provide key information to local residents on the health, noise and traffic impacts to enable them to be aware of and understand the related issues prior to the State Government’s Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

View the Speaker biographies (270KB)


Health Effects of Air Pollution - Dr Ray Nassar

View the video of the presentation, or View the presentation slides (7MB)


Road Tunnels & Air Treatment & Ventilation Considerations - Noel Child

View the video of the presentation, or View the presentation slides (332KB)


Impact of proposed WHTBL on property prices - Chris Curtis

View the video of the presentation, or View the presentation slides (763KB)


Note: this meeting was not organised by North Sydney Council.


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