Waverton Precinct

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Meeting Details

Meets 1st Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm

Waverton Uniting Church Hall

75 Bay Road, Waverton


1 July 2020

With Government restrictions on indoor gatherings being eased and community centres/halls re-opening, some Precinct Committees will resume face-to-face meetings (with precautions/distancing restrictions in place). Some Precinct Committees will hold a 'Vote Out of Committee' whereby feedback is sought via email/phonecall.

Check below for updates and keep contact with your local Precinct Committee via the contact details below. Your Precinct Committee will endeavour to keep you updated by email during this time - contact your Precinct Committee to be added to the distribution list


Update  July 2020

Waverton Precinct Committee intend to hold another face-to-face meeting on 4 August 2020.


Office Bearer

Chair - Ian Grey

Email: precinctwaverton@gmail.com

Highlights and Current Projects

  • The suburb and Precinct take their name from ‘Waverton House’, built by Joseph Purser in 1845 and named after a Waverton village in England. The Old family owned it from 1865 to 1974, when it was demolished.


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