Key Performance Indicators

In order for Council to measure its financial sustainability, several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are closely monitored throughout the year, with the results included in Council’s quarterly and annual budget reports.

These KPIs include total continuing operating revenue excluding capital grants and contributions, fair value adjustments, net gains on disposal of assets and net share of interest in joint venture gain, among others.

In the financial year 2016/17, Council exceeded the target on all 10 KPIs and recorded a $27.4m operating surplus.


To find out how Council is performing, view these quarterly budget progress reviews:


Key Performance Indicator Progress Reports


Q2 KPI performance report Dec 2017  (232KB)

Q1 KPI performance report Sep 2017 (233KB)


Q4 KPI are included in annual financial statements 

Q3 KPI performance report Mar 2017 (233KB)

Q2 KPI performance report Dec 2016 (59KB)

Q1 KPI performance report Sep 2016 (58KB)