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Tender & Public Quotation Policy & Procedures  

North Sydney Council frequently issues tenders and public quotation requests for supply of materials, equipment and services in order to fulfil its obligations and objectives as a service organisation.

Council's tender and public quotation procedures have been carefully developed to ensure that all legal and ethical requirements are observed, and that the organisation obtains best value  

Tenders are to be publicly advertised where expenditure is expected to be greater than $250,000.

Current tenders are made available free of charge electronically from Tenderlink:



Tenders and public quotations are generally advertised for a period of 25 days, during which the relevant documents are available to prospective submitters in accordance with the Conditions of Tendering on the respective Tender.

Where appropriate, Council will also organise pre-tender meetings to provide any additional detail and answer questions. Tender and public quotation closing times are strictly adhered-to and tenders received after the advertised closing date and time cannot be considered.

All tenders and public quotations issued by Council are advertised in the Tuesday edition of the Sydney Morning Herald.

All individuals and organisations lodging tenders and/or quotations with Council for provision of materials, equipment or services, must meet the legislative requirements for Australian Business Numbers (ABN), and registration for Goods & Services Tax (GST). All invoices must adhere to the Australian Taxation Office's guidelines.


Procurement Panel

Council's Procurement Panel has been established to fulfil the following objectives:

  • To oversee all processes in calling and evaluating tenders and public quotations particularly for: probity, ethics, transparency, timing, WH&S, and adherence to Council and Local Government Act requirements.
  • To assist in ensuring that the chosen tender or public quotation provides the best value solution to the specifications.

The Procurement Panel's role includes:

  • Review of all tender and public quotation specifications prior to issue.
  • Review of selection criteria.
  • Oversight of tender and public quotation assessment process.
  • Review of tender and public quotation evaluation and recommendations.

The Procurement Panel has no input into technical specifications nor contract wordings. These are the responsibilities of the Council Officer in charge of the procurement along with Council's Manager Corporate Contracts, and Solicitor.

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