North Sydney Local Planning Panel

State-mandated Determining Body, with authority to consider and determine DAs and other planning matters.

On 1 March 2018 the North Sydney Local Planning Panel (NSLPP) replaced the North Sydney Independent Planning Panel (NSIPP).


Composition of the NSLPP Panel

The panel comprises:

  • a chair appointed by the Minister for Planning,
  • two members selected by Council from a pool of experts approved by the Minister for Planning, and
  • a community member selected by Council.

North Sydney has a panel where all members have a level of expertise in planning, architecture, law, or a related area. The appointed Chair Ms Jan Murrell has four years experience as the chair of the NSIPP as well as broad planning and assessment experience over 40 years.

Code of Conduct NSLPP - for panel members (189KB)


How does the Panel Operate?

Members of the community who have had a previous experience with the NSIPP would not notice a lot of change in the operation of the new panel. 

The panel generally commences at 10am on the first Wednesday of the month with site inspections, returning to the Council Chambers prior to the commencement of the public meeting at 2pm. A deliberation meeting in closed session directly follows the public meeting.

Panel meeting deliberations will generally conclude by 6pm.

The minutes of the meeting will then be published on Council’s website on the Thursday following the meeting.


What if I want to address the Panel on an application?

Interested parties are welcome to address the Panel on the applications before it:

Request to address the North Sydney Local Planning Panel (131KB)

This should be filled out and returned no later than 2pm of the Monday before the meeting.

Alternatively, interested parties can attend the Council Chamber foyer on the day of the meeting at 1.45pm, and notify the Council representative present that you wish to address the panel.


Matters which will be heard by the panel?

The matters which will be referred to the Panel for determination are subject to a Ministerial Directive.

Prior to a Council determining whether a Planning Proposal should be forwarded to the Dept of Planning and Environment, a proposal is first referred to a Local Planning Panel for advice.

Thus our NSLPP Planning Proposal meeting will review a proposal before it is reported to a Council meeting along with NSLPP's recommendations. If endorsed by Council, the Planning Proposal will only then proceed to the next step, where the Dept of Planning and Environment will review the proposal, and either approve Gateway Determination (ie. give Council approval to notify the Proposal), or refuse the Proposal from proceeding any further.

NSLPP Planning Proposal meetings are held as required.

If you have any further questions regarding this process, please call Council’s Strategic Planning department on 9936 8100.


Can a Councillor or resident call a matter before the panel?

At this time there is no opportunity for the “call up” of an application to the panel by a Councillor or resident, nor is there any officer discretion in placing a matter not otherwise included in the Minister’s directive on the Panel’s agenda.


Members of the North Sydney Local Planning Panel

The Panel Chair has the responsibility of selecting the most appropriate panel members for each meeting based on the likely issues. Two expert members and one community member will be selected for each meeting. An alternate chair may also be nominated to replace the principal chair based on availability, and in the event of conflict of interest.


Panel Chair: Jan Murrell

Alternate Chairs: Grant Christmas, Jason Perica

Expert Panel Members: Sandra Robinson, Michel Reymond, Helen Lochhead, Ian Pickles, Caroline Pidcock, Lesley Finn, Grant Christmas, Tony Caro, Annelise Tuor, Deborah Laidlaw, David Logan, Peter Brennan

Community Members: Veronique Marchandeau, Jane van Hagen, Virginia Waller, Kenneth Robinson


Meeting Dates