Cremorne Shopping Area Streetscape Committee

Held at 5.30pm in the Ros Crichton Pavilion, behind Council 200 Milller St, North Sydney  


Note : if you would like to become involved in or find out more about this Streetscape Committee please contact the Project Manager, Engineering and Property Services, 9936 8100. 


Agendas and Minutes


13 October 2020     Agenda and Minutes

10 March 2020        Agenda (57KB) and Minutes (243KB)  

8 October 2019        Agenda (57KB) and Minutes (110KB)

4 June 2019            Agenda (17KB) and Minutes (164KB)

12 March 2019        Agenda (72KB) and Minutes (153KB)

9 October 2018        Agenda (72KB) and Minutes (145KB)

13 March 2018         Agenda (139KB) and Minutes (157KB)

31 October 2017      Agenda (72KB) and Minutes (102KB)  

7 March 2017           Agenda (23KB) and Minutes (78KB)  

18 October 2016      Agenda (76KB) and Minutes (147KB)

8 March 2016           Agenda (69KB) and Minutes (79KB)

20 October 2015       Agenda (27KB) and Minutes (82KB)

10 March 2015          Agenda (27KB) and Minutes (73KB) 

23 September 2014  Agenda (30KB) and Minutes (122KB)

11 March 2014         Agenda (24KB) and Minutes (22KB)