Crows Nest Shopping Area Streetscape Committee

Held at 5.30pm, Crows Nest Centre - 2 Ernest Place (Fuller Room), Crows Nest.


To get involved, or find out more about this Streetscape Committee please contact the Project Manager, Engineering and Property Services, 9936 8100.


If you have any issues you would like to discuss please email or


Agendas and Minutes

1 November 2022         Agenda (120KB) and Minutes (205KB)

5 July 2022                  Agenda (120KB) and Minutes (161KB)

22 March 2022             Agenda (19KB) and Minutes (466KB)

21 September 2021      cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions

16 February 2021         Agenda (119KB) and Minutes (888KB)

15 September 2020      cancelled

18 February 2020         Agenda (74KB) and Minutes (145KB)

17 September 2019      Agenda (18KB) and Minutes (92KB)

19 February 2019         Agenda (15KB) and Minutes (96KB)

18 September 2018      Agenda (15KB) and Minutes (112KB)

27 February 2018         Agenda (15KB) and Minutes (168KB)

19 September 2017      Agenda (83KB) and  Minutes (104KB)

14 February 2017         Agenda (83KB) and  Minutes (112KB)

4 October 2016             Agenda (32KB) and Minutes (112KB)

9 February 2016           Agenda (143KB) and Minutes (143KB)

13 October 2015           Agenda (40KB) and Minutes (89KB)

23 June 2015                Agenda (30KB) and Minutes (93KB)

10 February 2015         Agenda (30KB) and Minutes  (147KB)

8 December 2014         Agenda (40KB) and Minutes (101KB)

18 November 2014       Agenda (29KB) and Minutes (134KB)

9 September 2014        Agenda (42KB) and Minutes (137KB)

27 May 2014                 Agenda (29KB) and Minutes (221KB)

4 March 2014                Agenda (30KB) and Minutes (19KB)



There have been five successful applications for the continuation of the Crows Nest Mainstreet levy by Council, supported by Crows Nest Mainstreet, so some cycles went for five years, others for three, until the IPART determination in 2013 approved the levy in perpetuity, (or until there is no community support).

There is much detail in what has been achieved however the broad outline of the phases is presented in the table below. 

Levy Cycle Phase Main Features Document
1995 - 2000 1st phase Amendments Roads and Traffic Act, alfresco dining, angled parking Holtermann Street etc. Crows Nest Masterplan by Conybeare Morrison & Partners
2000 - 2005 2nd phase Alexander Street lighting and pavement improvements.

Crows Nest Masterplan 2002 (9MB) by Clouston Associates - Landscape Architects

2005 - 2010 3rd phase Laneway improvements - shared zones, lighting pavement, drainage. The Crows Nest Retail Study 2007 (7MB) by People, Places and Partnership.
2010 - 2013 4th phase Pacific Hwy LEP increased Floor Space Ratio, park areas, links, redevelopment of main Civic Area in Ernest Place (phases 1 & 2).

Crows Nest Mainstreet Strategic Plan 2010 (1MB)

2013 - continuous IPART Determination Pacific Hwy LEP increased Floor Space Ratio, park areas, links, redevelopment of main Civic Area in Ernest Place (phase 3). IPART Determination 2012/13 (337KB)
2015 Upgrade report    Read the Crows Nest report 

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