Neutral Bay Shopping Area Streetscape Committee

Held in the Ros Crichton Pavilion, behind Council 200 Miller St North Sydney


Note : If you would like to become involved in or find out more about this Streetscape Committee please contact Adam Deutsch, 9936 8100.


Agenda and Minutes


4 September 2018     Agenda (14KB) and Minutes (161KB)

20 February 2018       Agenda (82KB) and Minutes (163KB)

5 September 2017      Agenda (81KB) and Minutes (152KB)

7 February 2017         Agenda (81KB) and Minutes (173KB)

27 September 2016    Agenda (18KB) and Minutes (98KB)

2 February 2016         Agenda (28KB) and Minutes (190KB)

29 September 2015    Agenda (28KB) and Minutes (76KB)

3 February 2015         Agenda (29KB) and Minutes (99KB)

2 December 2014       Agenda (29KB) and Minutes (122KB)

14 October 2014         Agenda (31KB) and Minutes (33KB) 

26 August 2014          Agenda (31KB) and Minutes (86KB)

4 June 2014                Agenda (26KB) and Minutes (199KB)

29 April 2014               Agenda (26KB) and Minutes (39KB)

25 February 2014        Agenda (33KB) and Minutes (37KB)


2015 Levy Cycle Upgrade - Read the Neutral Bay report

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