Organisational Structure

The North Sydney Council divisions and directors, and then the departments that report to them. 


General Manager - Ken Gouldthorp

  • All departments, and an Exec Assistant


City Strategy Division - Joseph Hill, Director

  • Administrative Services

  • Development Services

  • Environmental and Building Compliance

  • Integrated Planning and Special Projects

  • Strategic Planning (Land Use)

  • Ranger and Parking Services


Community and Library Services Division - Rebecca Aukim, Acting Director

  • Community Development

  • Library Services


Corporate Services Division - Margaret Palmer, Director

  • Communications and Events

  • Customer Services

  • Document Management Services

  • Financial Services

  • Governance and Committee Services (incl Exec Assistant to Mayor)

  • Human Resources

  • Information Technology

  • Contracts Management

  • Legal Services

  • Procurement Services

  • Risk & Contracts (incl WHS)


Engineering and Property Services Division - Duncan Mitchell, Director

  • Asset Management

  • Engineering Infrastructure

  • Project Management

  • Property Assets

  • Traffic and Transport Operations

  • Works Engineering


Open Space and Environmental Services Division - Rob Emerson, Director

  • Environmental Services

  • Landscape Planning and Design

  • North Sydney Oval and Mollie Dive Function Centre

  • North Sydney Olympic Pool

  • Parks and Reserves

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