Council Policies

The Policy Manual is a record of the policies adopted by Council for the conduct of its business.

The policies, along with many other internal and external documents, set the framework within which Council fulfils its service and regulatory responsibilities under relevant statutes. The Policy Manual is a 'living' document and is revised as required. A full review is conducted in every four years following the local government election.

For more information contact Manager Corporate Planning & Engagement on 9936 8100.

Council's Policy Manual is categorised in accordance with the five themes/directions of the North Sydney Community Strategic Plan

These are:

  1. Our Living Environment
  2. Our Built Infrastructure
  3. Our Future Planning
  4. Our Social Vitality
  5. Our Civic Leadership


Direction 1: Our Living Environment

D1-01 Circus Policy (162KB)

D1-02 Crows Nest Trade Waste Policy (205KB)

D1-03 Environmental Upgrade Agreement Policy (178KB)

D1-04 Kirribilli Trade Waste Policy (204KB)

D1-05 Overhanging Branches Policy (193KB)

D1-06 Public Bin Policy (164KB)

D1-07 Public School Use of North Sydney Oval Policy (163KB)

D1-08 Single Use Plastics Policy (216KB)

D1-09 Sustainable Building Policy (175KB)

D1-10 Sustainable Public Events Policy (270KB)

D1-11 Tree and Vegetation Vandalism Policy (224KB)


Direction 2: Our Built Infrastructure

D2-01 Asset Management Policy (201KB)

D2-02 Banner Hire Policy (195KB)

D2-03 Car Share Policy (232KB)

D2-04 Encroachment Management Policy (323KB)

D2-05 Graffiti Management Policy (167KB)

D2-06 Outdoor Dining and Goods on Footpath Policy (130KB)

           Outdoor dining and goods on footpath Guidelines (16MB)

D2-07 Resident Parking Permit Policy (327KB)

D2-08 Restoration Works on Council Land Policy (235KB)

D2-09 Rights of Way over Drainage Reserves and Community Land Policy (222KB)

D2-10 Road and Place Naming Policy (273KB)

D2-11 Street Lighting and Under Awning Lighting Policy (217KB)

D2-12 Telecommunication and Electrical Network Infrastructure Policy (380KB)

D2-13 Trailer Parking Policy (223KB)


Direction 3: Our Future Planning

D3-01 Compliance and Enforcement Policy (239KB)

D3-02 Design Panel Policy (152KB)

D3-03 Election and Referenda Signage Policy (229KB)

D3-04 Mobile Food Vending Vehicles Policy (342KB)

D3-05 Parking Management and Enforcement Policy (239KB)

D3-06 Placemaking Policy (231KB)

D3-07 Roosters Keeping Policy (234KB)

D3-08 Smoke Free Environment - Declared Public Areas Policy (249KB)

D3-09 Voluntary Planning Agreements (393KB)


Direction 4: Our Social Vitality

D4-01 Artists Studio Policy (171KB)

D4-02 Artwork Acquisition Policy (170KB)

D4-03 Artwork Cultural Historical Collections De-accession Policy (186KB)

D4-04 Busking Policy (189KB)

D4-05 Child Protection Policy (273KB)

D4-06 Community Cultural & Recreational Facilities Policy (200KB)

D4-07 Community Grants & Subsidies Policy (264KB)

D4-08 Community Information Policy (163KB)

D4-09 Disability Discrimination Policy (214KB)

D4-10 Historical Services Collection Management Policy (230KB)

D4-11 Library Collection Development Policy (216KB)

D4-12 Public Art Policy (132KB)

D4-13 Public Events Policy (174KB)

D4-14 Tutoring in the Library Policy (173KB)

D4-15 Vacation Care Policy (193KB)

D4-16 Writers at Stanton Policy (182KB)


Direction 5: Our Civic Leadership

D5-01 Access to Information Policy (214KB)

D5-02 Asbestos Policy (988KB)

D5-03 Asset Accounting and Capitalisation Policy (219KB)

D5-04 Cash Handling Policy (106KB)

D5-05 Catering Provision Policy (32KB)

D5-06 Charitable Collections Policy (110KB)

D5-07 Code of Conduct - Contractors their Staff and Business Associates (190KB)

D5-08 Code of Conduct - Councillors and Staff (628KB)

D5-09 Code of Conduct - North Sydney Local Planning Panel (NSLPP) (189KB)

D5-10 Code of Conduct - Outdoor Fitness Training (126KB)

D5-11 Code of Conduct - Precinct Office Bearers and Members (188KB)

D5-12 Code of Conduct - Volunteers and Community Representatives (158KB)

D5-13 Code of Meeting Practice (536KB)

D5-14 Records Management Policy (216KB)

D5-15 Community Engagement Policy (135KB)

Community Engagement protocol (4MB)

D5-16 Complaints Handling Policy (330KB)

D5-17 Corporate Sponsorship Policy (59KB)

D5-18 Councillor and Staff Interaction Policy (322KB)  

D5-19 Customer Service Policy (132KB)

D5-20 Loan Borrowing Policy (235KB)

D5-21 Debt Recovery Policy (139KB)

D5-22 Deputy Mayor Policy (125KB)

D5-23 Councillor Induction and Professional Development Policy (203KB)

D5-24 Donations Policy (124KB)

D5-25 Enterprise Risk Management Policy (219KB)

D5-26 Filming in the Council Area Policy (135KB)

D5-27 Financial Hardship Policy (250KB)

D5-28 Financial Investment Policy (252KB)

D5-29 Financial Management Policy (156KB)

D5-30 Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy (240KB)

D5-31 Gifts and Benefits Policy (112KB)

D5-32 Internal Reporting - Public Interest Disclosures Policy (411KB)

D5-33 Lobbying Policy (133KB)

D5-34 Managing Unreasonable Complainant Conduct Policy (339KB)

D5-35 Councillor Expenses and Facilities Policy (311KB)

D5-36 Media Liaison Policy (128KB)

D5-37 Mediation Policy (134KB)

D5-38 Open Government Policy (128KB)

D5-39 Organisational Sustainability Policy (135KB)

D5-40 Oversight and Liaison with General Manager Policy (208KB)

D5-41 Precinct System Policy (133KB)

D5-42 Procurement Policy (274KB)

D5-43 Property Addressing Policy (105KB)

D5-44 Related Party Disclosures Policy (161KB)

D5-45 Revenue Policy (912KB)

D5-46 Signs as Remote Supervision Policy (187KB)

D5-47 Sporting Facilities Booking Policy (110KB)

D5-48 Volunteer Policy (159KB)

D5-49 Waiving Charges during COVID-19 Pandemic Policy (140KB)

D5-50 Closed Circuit Television Policy (240KB)

D5-51 Legislative Compliance Policy and Appendix A (428KB)