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And if you fancy a bushwalk around our way, follow this...

North Sydney harbour foreshore bushwalk guide (14MB)


Recommended Reading

North Sydney Council Hands Across Time...A guide to North Sydney's Aboriginal history and culture 1998. Available from North Sydney Council.

Sydney Metropolitan CMA Bushcare with Care: A Field Guide for Bush Regenerators, Protecting and Conserving Aboriginal Landscapes2008. Available from North Sydney Council

Hornsby Council Look-Alikes, Native and weed plant identification booklet 2009. Available to purchase from North Sydney Council. 

Joan Bradley Bringing Back the Bush. The Bradley method of bush regeneration. Ure Smith Press 1991

Burnum Burnum Wild Things Around Sydney Sainty and Association Publications 1995

Dick Chadwick Australian native gardening made easy. Little Hills Press 2005 (3rd edition)

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Les Robinson Field guide to the native plants of Sydney. Kangaroo Press 2003 (3rd edition)

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