Wildlife Watch

Help protect and conserve local wildlife...

Wildlife Watch is a citizen science style community volunteer program established in 1996 to record wildlife observations that help to inform bushland and biodiversity management in the North Sydney Council area.

Volunteers require no previous experience or skills, you can participate at your own leisure, either as an individual or with a group to identify and record wildlife observations in your own backyard or in  public open space such as bushland reserves, parklands or streetscapes – anywhere!  

The Wildlife Watch program is facilitated by our Bushland Projects Officer. New volunteers will be provided with field observation resources including; log sheets and wildlife identification reference material and encouraged to attend an Introductory to Wildlife Watch Workshop to learn how to record observations. The Bushland Team also run an annual “Wildlife Watch Walk & Talk” with a specialist field ecologist to help improve field observation skills for participants, including the proficient use of binoculars and bird call identification.

Wildlife Watch observations are registered in Council’s Wildlife Watch database where they are considered for Council’s Bushland Plans of Management and forwarded on to State and Commonwealth data repositories for biodiversity observations; BioNet - NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Atlas of living Australia (ALA) where they can be used as a public reference and/or for research purposes.


Wildlife Watch is now online


The Wildlife Watch Program is now accessible from your smart phone, tablet and personal computer.

The Atlas of Living Australia (ALA) now hosts Wildlife Watch through BioCollect - a field data collection tool that supports hundreds of similar Citizen Science projects and allows biodiversity data to be easily uploaded to the ALA where it can be made available for use in research, policy and management.

This new digital version of Wildlife Watch aims to make wildlife monitoring easier, faster and more accurate. You can access this application via your smartphone to make use of the device features (e.g. camera, clock and GPS) and you can also contribute by using the BioCollect online web form to upload photographs of wildlife found in your garden, at Bushcare, or anywhere in North Sydney.


How to get involved

Simply download the BioCollect mobile app and create an account with the ALA. Once logged on, look for the citizen science project called ‘Wildlife Watch NSC’ with the North Sydney Council logo and add your first record to the project by completing the fields. Alternatively, you can go to the BioCollect website and enter your observations via a web-browser interface. 


Wildlife Watch Instructions for Smart Device (593KB)

Wildlife Watch Instructions for PC (1MB)


For further information about the Wildlife Watch Program, contact the Bushland Project Officer via email council@northsydney.nsw.gov.au or call 9936 8100.

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