Futureproofing Apartments

The aim of the program is to improve sustainability while reducing the cost of living.

Typically, the focus will be on the numerous energy saving opportunities found in common areas. However, all residents will directly benefit where solar sharing and centralised hot water system upgrades are implemented.

Annual strata fee reduction is a major focus, because the savings potential with energy upgrades is typically a good investment.

Often owners don't realise how much energy and money is being wasted in the hidden areas and equipment of buildings, so a report by specialists will clearly quantify that, and make recommendations for the owner’s corporation to follow up on.

Electric cars are on the way to being mainstream, and a great path to energy and cost savings over time, so now is the time to start planning to potentially offer onsite EV charging stations powered by rooftop solar.

Sustainability upgrades are now easier than ever: see the recent sustainability infrastructure legislation changes here

When the options are clearly illustrated with a good report, the thinking soon becomes...

why wouldn't we upgrade, given the financial benefits!


New event!

Renewable Energy for Hot Water Systems

Online workshop: Zoom meeting - Tuesday, 14 September 2021, 6-7pm

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This workshop will show how much money a heat pump can save...
How they are a cleaner & renewable source of energy...

Heat pumps are a technology that has been proven over the past hundred years and there are billions of them - There is one in every fridge and air-conditioner -
Hot water heating is just a relatively new use for them - and proving what a fabulous technology this is!


Now Open!

Futureproofing Apartments 2021

Have your building receive a fully-funded professional assessment.

Applications are open until 30 September 2021 (the sooner you book the better!)




Case Studies

See how these examples worked out in the real world...

A 17-apartment housing complex in Ryde, NSW

A large residential strata complex in Maroubra, Sydney

An apartment block in Docklands, Melbourne

A residential building with 15 apartments in North Sydney

An apartment building with 47 units in Gosford, NSW

4 buildings with 1 level of basement carparking in Cammeray, Sydney

A luxury residential buildingwith104 apartments in City of Sydney


Building upgrade opportunities

This diagram shows the kinds of energy savings that can be looked for in any building...



Futureproofing Expo

In Nov 2019 we ran the Expo (cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19) to connect apartment owners with experienced strata solution providers. View their presentations below.

Intro - Ian Garradd from North Sydney Council (879KB)

Wattblock - Program consultants (7MB)

LPE - Solar, Renewable heat HWS and retail (2MB)

Allume - Solar Sharing (377KB)

Zeromow - Electric renewable energy landscaping equipment (3MB)

JET Charge - EV charging and Vehicle to Grid electricity sharing (3MB)

Enlighten LED and smart controls (3MB)

Reclaim Energy - renewable heat for hot water (heat pumps) (2MB)

OHMIE - EV rental on site for apartments and more (2MB)

SUMS - Group Water data logging (627KB)

Energus - Lightweight premium solar panels (5MB)


The Program so far...

Two rounds of the program have been rolled out so far. The first round in Nov 2018 was when 45 buildings revealed 145 upgrade opportunities. The second round was in Jan 2020. These building energy and water assessments are worth up to $2000 and are free in the program.


This program offers the following at no cost

  • Energy assessments performed by industry specialists.
  • Detailed reports which will clearly illustrate the financial case for upgrades
  • Attendance at strata meetings if requested to help communicate benefits of building upgrades.
  • General support.
  • Workshops and information sessions for apartment residents.

Eligible Buildings

The program offers sustainability assessments and reports on 30 residential apartment buildings, made up of 10 assessments for each of the following apartment sizes:

  • 10 units or less
  • 20 units or less
  • 21 units or more
  • (mixed residential and commercial buildings will also be considered)

5 x NABERS assessments funded up to $1500.

10 x specific solar feasibility assessments.

7 x feasibility studies as required for special and complex opportunities such as renewable heat for space heating or centralised hot water system (HWS) fuel swapping, or complex solar opportunities.


Did you know?

  • Most apartment buildings will benefit with efficiency upgrades in common areas.
  • Around 75% of local residents live in apartments in North Sydney.
  • Renewable heat and electricity can both replace imported grid gas and electricity.
  • Renewable heat is perfect in shady areas, at night, or if cloudy, unlike solar electricity, and can provide space heating and domestic water heating.

 Energy Cost savings

  • Solar electricity - solar panels for rooftops and walls.
  • Renewable heat from the sun - for space heating and water heating.
  • Energy efficiency - why waste energy?
  • All-electric buildings offer the only path to zero emissions electricity and cost savings.
  • Often upgrades offer investment opportunities with an internal rate of return (IRR) between 15-50%1, which will likely be one of the best investment returns you'll ever make.
  • Simple payback periods are commonly as short as 2 years.
  • Savings from day one for solar, heat pumps and lighting - with no upfront costs. Such are the dramatically large savings through energy efficiency and renewable heat and power - that everyone is a winner- except the grid electricity retailers!

1 Based on recent upgrades.


Smart Energy Future

Want to find the best ways to get renewable energy? We have a webpage on our smart energy future. You can start by comparing your own specific building and occupancy type with these personal example info sheets.

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